Colorado Roots Propel Cirque Mountain Apparel

cirque mountain apparel

Photo courtesy of Cirque Mountain Apparel

Find a snow-covered cirque on skis, and you’ll likely be taking some great powder turns.

“A cirque is a basin carved out by a glacier,” said Alex Biegler, owner and founder of Cirque Mountain Apparel. “And they always make for good skiing in the backcountry.”

Skiing so good, in fact, that Biegler named his company after these natural powder bowls.

Biegler is a native of the Vail Valley in Colorado, and in 2011 he started this “backcountry inspired apparel” company locally, and then brought the brand with him when he moved to Jackson, Wyoming. Cirque’s headquarters are in Jackson Hole, and the company has a distribution warehouse in Eagle-Vail.

The gear, especially their winter hats and facemasks, are great for staying warm (and stylish) while doing winter sports like snowshoeing and skiing.

The company was originally called Recollect Threads, but the name and logo was redone to make a more identifiable band name.


In November, Cirque hired fellow valley native Sylvan Ellefson as the new vice president of sales and marketing. An accomplished athlete, Ellefson graduated with Biegler from Vail Mountain School and went on to collegiate Nordic skiing racing at Bates College. Most recently, Ellefson won the National Championships leading up to the 2014 Sochi Olympics, where he earned a spot as an alternate racer.

“The reason I was so attracted to this is that I wear these hats all the time,” Ellefson said. “And I always used hats like this throughout my ski racing career.”


The company is most known for its wide variety of headwear styles and designs, ranging from beanies to caps to headbands. Cirque also sells face masks, T-shirts, tanks, hoodies, zip-ups, board shorts, base layers, boxers and more.

Cirque makes custom designs on hats and apparel for businesses and special events. They have recently created custom merchandise for Moe’s Original Bar B Que.

“My goal is to be known as a local company, because we are both from Vail,” said Biegler of himself and Ellefson. “We were born and raised here, and we are hoping to get some local awareness. Cirque a cool local brand that is making a name in the ski industry.”


Beyond the retail store in Jackson Hole, Cirque operates an online store and a distribution network of nearly 100 dealers. Local dealers include Christy Sports, Charlie’s Tees, Vail Sports and Beaver Creek Sports, to name a few. A full list of dealers can be found on the company’s website.

“Both of us know that in order to grow, you definitely have to hit the tourist market,” Biegler said. “But we know how the mountain community works, and we want to always take care of our friends and families, too.”

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