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The Call of the Wild

Snowshoe Magazine

With less than a week before Christmas, my intention this morning was to roll pie crusts to put in the freezer, but with the sun shining brightly on the first newly fallen snow how could I stay inside. So donning my outdoor clothes and snowshoes I decided to head for the woods to check for animal footprints in the snow.

My BULLISH Deer Snowshoe Adventure

Snowshoe Magazine
I love snowshoeing and in my journeys have seen a bear, a fisher, coyotes and lots of deer but yesterday I had an adventure of a different sort.

The Evolution of Winter Sports

Winter sports have come a long way since I was a child in the 40's. When we were in elementary school a group of us would get together on weekends and, wading through deep snow, pull our heavy wooden toboggans to the neighbourhood hill, so that after a few fun times of sledding down and plodding back up the hill we would tiredly wade through the snow heading for home.