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An Interview With Anita Ortiz

Snowshoe Magazine
Some snowshoers snowshoe for the functional strength training, while others see it as a relaxing pursuit. Personally, I like the way it works my waistline. Whatever the case, we all have an excuse to slap on some shoes and scamper through scenic mountain trails. For champion snowshoer Anita Ortiz, it's the sheer delight of racing that keeps her in snowshoes.

Aw Man, This is Going to Hurt

Snowshoe Magazine
There are athletes of all kinds. Some snowshoe for the health benefits, while others enjoy the sheer delight of moving through scenic paths and snow-covered terrain. Some snowboard, watching the world quickly pass by in a blurred flash of color, while others climb, carefully placing hands and feet on tall mountain walls. For Danelle Ballengee, competitor extraordinaire, snowshoeing is only part of her athletic accomplishments. She does it all.