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Out to the Movies

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Film festivals are spectacles full of movie stars, glitz and glamour. And snowshoeing.

Book Review: Snowshoeing Colorado, Third Edition

I lived on the Front Range for years, making time to get up into the mountains whenever I could. After a four-year respite from the Centennial State - living in the cloud-covered gray of Oregon - I recently returned to Colorado. So, now that I am living in Boulder I've been trying out new trails all over my re-found home. But finding new trails is often difficult. That's why I was happy to discover "Snowshoeing Colorado," by Claire Walter, in my mailbox recently.

Gear Review: Mountain Hardwear Transition Featherweight Zip T

Snowshoe Magazine
I hate to be a complainer, but there's one thing that bothers me when I'm out for a snowshoe-run. It seems like I'm cold to begin with-so I put on several layers-but then once I warm up I'm stuck with a pile of clothes. This might not matter when you're out for a snowshoe-hike and carrying a little knapsack. But when you're running, it's nice to keep things simple and uncluttered.

Gear Review: Montrail Susitna XCR

Snowshoe Magazine
This fall, as the snow began to fall in the high country, I could tell that the trail running season was ending and the snowshoe season was just around the corner.

Destinations: Missoula Snow

Snowshoe Magazine
On a cold, quite December morning, Anna and I set out through fresh snow. Although we have driven just a few miles out of town, our snowshoeing hike starts on the edge of the 33,000-acre Rattlesnake Wilderness Area. And with miles of open trail ahead before us, this place feels like true wilderness. We make new tracks as we hike beside Rattlesnake Creek, breaking a trail up the valley through open meadows and forest alike.

Heading Back to SnowSchool

Snowshoe Magazine
This winter, thousands of fourth and fifth graders from across the country will be strapping on snowshoes and hitting the trail. These students will be part of a growing program - SnowSchool - that is designed to give children access to outdoor winter education. While many children spend the winter inside, away from nature and its delights, SnowSchool participants gain a new appreciation for the colder months of the year through outdoor games and learning.