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Book Review: Transcendent Summits by Gerry Roach

Snowshoe Magazine
Gerry Roach has taken the art of storytelling to a whole new level. To borrow the theme from his book "Transcendent Summits", it took me to a place in mind I had yet to visit.

My Own Private Swift Skedaddle

Snowshoe Magazine
The Rocky Mountains of Colorado were getting peppered with snow for a few days. So, when the morning of the "Swift Skeddadle" snowshoe race at the Frisco Nordic Center dawned to bright blue skies, I knew it was going to be a good day.

The Snowshoe Runner’s Diary: Beaver Creek Series, Race No. 3

Saturday Feb. 12 marked the third race of the season in the Beaver Creek Snowshoe Adventure Series. Truly, this race took the words adventure and snowshoeing to a whole new level.

Gear Review: Marmot Women’s ATV Jacket

Snowshoe Magazine
Growing up in a suburb outside of Chicago, you learned that bitter-cold weather was inevitable and layering became your best friend.

The Snowshoe Runner’s Diary: Beaver Creek Series, Race No.1

Snowshoe Magazine
Eeeh...ohhhhh...arghhhhhh. No I'm not clearing my throat, but rather sitting my slightly weary body down in the chair to pen this article. I'm an elderly man, you see, with an arthritis-riddled body caused by years of voracious activity.

Superior Hiking Trail

Snowshoe Magazine
Listen closely and you can almost hear the sound of gently falling snow; or perhaps the humming of computers has begun to toy with our minds. Either way, the much anticipated winter season is just around the corner and with it comes the mind-boggling question of where to go snowshoeing.

The Tao of Winter Park…Snowshoeing for the Soul

Snowshoe Magazine
Ignore the signs of summer that desperately try to pull us from our nine-to-five, barely-get-to-see-the-sunshine, desk jobs. It's time to focus. Before we know it, summer will bid its final farewell and the season of snow-laden lawns will be here again.

Passion for the Cause

Snowshoe Magazine
Imagine walking down the street and two people approach you; the first one hands you a flier and says, in a monotone voice, that she is raising money for breast cancer and needs your help. A worthy cause, yes, but a worthy attempt at obtaining your support, probably not.

Seeing Trails: A Look Back at a Good Day of Snowshoeing

Snowshoe Magazine
As it happens ever year around this time, the days become longer and the temperatures slowly start to rise. While the bright colors of spring and warm days of summer are favored by many, it is those that crave the brisk chill of winter and its inevitable companion, "snow," who sadden with the oncoming spring.