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Snowshoeing into the Bike Season and Beyond

As a member of the “Endurance Tribe” one of the great things about snowshoeing and snowshoe racing in particular is how the sport prepares you for racing in other endurance events in the spring.

The 2011 USSSA Championship Marathoner Surprise

Snowshoe Magazine

Recap and Analysis of the 2011 DION United States Snowshoe (USSSA) National Championships

Snow Wars: Return of the Marathoners

At the 2010 USSSA in Syracuse, NY there was much talk about the dominance of triathletes in the top-slots of the podium, however, at the 2011 Championship in Cable, WI…not so much. A marathoner “vibe” held sway at the 2011 USSSA championship on Mar. 11 as hard-pack snow on the groomed trails favored the light, fast feet of the road runner contingent.  It all points to a show-down in 2012 in Frisco, CO.

Snowshoe Shuffle a Sugar Snow Challenge

Snowshoe Magazine

At the start of the Snowshoe Shuffle a mouse's snug snowy world exploded in churning metal cleats sending it scurrying for cover. And as much as rodents can have “one of those days”, the same can be said for ‘snowshoe racers, and snowshoe races, and the Feb. 5 Snowshoe Shuffle, in New Brighton, MN was a day of challenges.

Whitetail Ridge Snowshoe Challenge Launches Braveheart Snowshoe Series in Ideal Conditions

Top snowshoe racers had race strategy in mind when a mass start dash across 20 open yards to a wooded single-track quickly bottlenecked to launch the inaugural Whitetail Ridge Snowshoe Challenge in River Falls, Wisconsin on Saturday, Jan. 9, 2010.

Snowshoeing Richard T. Anderson Park

Snowshoe Magazine
There is a new small park along the Minnesota River valley on the south side of Eden Prairie called Richard T Anderson Park, named after a former Eden Prairie City Councilman who cared deeply about the environment. Eden Prairie has developed very rapidly over the past 20 years, from a semi-rural area of 20,000 with many active farms and horse ranches to a full-fledged suburb of 60,000 residents. In part, because of Mr. Anderson, Eden Prairie currently has 28 parks.