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We’re No Dummies: Defeat of the Bush Arctic Refuge Drilling Bill

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Do you ever get the feeling as you watch the daily news or one of those expose'-type primetime shows that our government might think us stupid when it comes to making both the major and the minor decisions required to run our country? Or maybe I'm being a bit too cynical when I say stupid. Perhaps the administration just bases all of their past and current choices on the hope that we're either too busy, too ignorant, or too lazy to do anything about a bad decision. Either way, I've ended up experiencing feelings of doubt quite often during the past six years.

The Drilling Truth

Snowshoe Magazine
With summer time fast approaching, many people might already be planning their first snowhoeing trip for the next winter season. After all, what better way to survive the overheated summer months than by having thoughts of cold winter snow crunching under your snowshoes and a refreshing breeze brushing the few exposed parts of your face as you cover miles of pristine wilderness. But just as you're about to decide between booking a trip to Yellowstone or one to the as yet untouched lands of Alaska, the news announces that the Senate is well on its way to establishing the Bush Administration's energy plan to drill in the Arctic Refuge. So what does this mean to you as a potential visitor to this beautiful wilderness?

Camaraderie and a Cause

The day seemed designed for the event as it dawned clear and bright, the blue skies beckoning to the snowshoeing participants of the Winter Snowshoe Challenge 2004 which took place at Kirkwood Mountain Resort in South Lake Tahoe, Calif., on March 5.

A Step at a Time: Snowshoeing to End Breast Cancer

Snowshoe Magazine
As you might have already heard, the Breast Cancer Fund is sponsoring the Winter Snowshoe Challenge for the second year in a row.

Hybrid SUVs: The Future is Here

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On a recent trip to the mountains to enjoy a combination of new snow and rare sunny weather, a friend of mine commented after his return about the numerous sport utility vehicles, or SUVs, which seem to litter the roads.

Last Minute Gift Ideas to Keep Your Snowshoer Happy

Snowshoe Magazine
'Tis the season for high volume gift buying, and whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, or the advent of the Winter Solstice, I want to offer some last minute ideas which will undoubtedly please the snowshoer in all of us.

Stuck With Snowmobiles…Or Are We?

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Imagine this: You and your best friend, after having saved your pennies for months on end and juggled your schedules until you could find mutual time off, have arrived at the entrance to one of our country's most beautiful parks. Sure, with the snowmobile ban having recently been blocked, you can hear a faint buzz in the background but you're positive that your eagerness to snowshoe the trails of Yellowstone will far outweigh the annoying, inescapable, mosquito-like hum.

Like Oil and Water: Snowmobiles in Yellowstone Park

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Hoping to snowshoe undisturbed in Yellowstone this winter? For those snowshoers and other winter sports enthusiasts who enjoy doing their sports in Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks, it appears that this year will again be a winter filled with the noise and pollution that come from too many in snowmobiles in such small, beautiful wilderness areas.

A Presidential Election of Environmental Concern

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As the Summer Olympics in Athens were drawing to a close, I found myself faced with my first presidential campaign commercial of the year. Watching it, I realized two important facts. The first was the fact that, as a California resident, I've been lucky thus far not to have already been bombarded with the ads as those living in the key voter states have been. The second fact was a reminder that it was time to examine the major candidates and their stances on environmental issues.

Losing Ground…and Snow

After a recent trip to Alaska, my sister's first words to me when she returned weren't about the incredible beauty of the state or the vast mountains they visited. Instead, she told me that I needed to immediately pack up my kids and take them to see the glaciers before they disappeared completely.

Protect Yourself from Pollution

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Oxygen. It is invisible, often pleasant, and completely necessary. Something to be enjoyed as we cross a field covered with pristine, untouched snow. Something that we can't live without. However, what many people may not realize is that oxygen, the primary source of free radicals, can also be very harmful.