Advertorial – Tubbs Introduces the FLEX Series: The First Ergonomic Snowshoe


Brand new for 2009, Tubbs
introduces the FLEX Series, the first ergonomic snowshoes optimized for
walking on packed and variable snow. As the global leader in
Snowshoeing with over 100 years of technological innovation, Tubbs has
a deep understanding of the diverse needs of snowshoers around the
world.  With this perspective, Tubbs has created a new line of
snowshoes that optimize ergonomic comfort.  The patent-pending FLEX
Tail, found on all models of the FLEX Series, absorbs heel-strike
impact and allows the foot to roll naturally from heel to toe, enabling
a more natural stride.

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With additional features like Compact Design and Traction Rails, the FLEX Series is more comfortable and efficient than other composite snowshoes for walking in packed and variable snow.

While powder conditions come and go with each winter storm, packed snow can be found throughout the winter in many areas. Many snowshoers find themselves walking on established trails packed by other snowshoers, snowmobiles or snowcats, such as Nordic Centers and Snow Parks. Above tree line, snow is subject to wind and sun, which forms crusts and wind-packed Alpine conditions. In these conditions, snowshoers are better served by choosing a comfortable, ergonomic snowshoe that balances traction needs with flotation requirements.  The lightweight low-profile design is equally beneficial for backcountry winter hikers, mountaineers and snowboarders who can use the snowshoes as an access tool then attach them to their packs.

The FLEX Series is available in three performance levels to accommodate a range of snowshoers and comes in men’s- and women’s-specific versions, including the: FLEX ALP, with an aggressive crampon micro-serrated traction system and heel lift backcountry access; the FLEX NRG, with the Soft Strike zone for a more comfortable and quiet day hiking experience; and the FLEX TRK, designed for recreational trail walking.

FLEX Series Features:

*FLEX Tail absorbs shock and reduces stress on the joints
*Comfortable, secure bindings with Control Wing design
*Gender-specific decks, bindings and designs
*Compact Design (22” for women, 24” for men) ideal for strapping to a pack or hiking on firm snow conditions
*Torsion Deck articulates on variable snow conditions for better grip and more precise feel
*Curved Traction Rail technology that ensures superior side-hill grip in hard-packed or icy conditions, and prevents fore-aft slippage on steep climbs and descents
*The Soft Strike zone on the FLEX NRG, much like the shock absorbing midsole found in your athletic shoes, works with the FLEX Tail to absorb shock and reduce stress on joints and muscles

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