Get on the Stick, Go to VIC! On Top of Jenkins Mountain Snowshoe Race March 2

FLASH! Hurry, Hurry, Hurry! Rearrange your schedule! Saturday, March 3, 2013 is the previously secret Jenkins Mountain Snowshoe Stampede. Our forward recon guy, doubling as the Athletic Director and Cross Country Coach at Paul Smith’s College—just call him “Dean of Fun,” his private code name—just broke the news to us at Snowshoe Magazine. So, we’re going public in a reveal, a scoop, with this exclusive information.

Don't fret; the Jenkins Mountain trail gets steeper soon enough.

Don’t fret; the Jenkins Mountain trail gets steeper soon enough.

Gather before 10 a.m. as the race, known underground as an “adventure,” starts then. Teams consisting of one to four people, so there’s plenty of reason to pack the car and bring friends and family. Why?

Because the 15km trail goes to the top of Jenkins Mountain and back, following the exotic climb where one summits before noon; think of that! All on snowshoes while enjoying the beauty of trails and woods that are prime examples of modern forestry practices. However, you may be traveling so fast with those hot snowshoes the beauty screams by like an Indiana Jones movie on fast forward. That’s okay! It’s a race.

You're close to adventure when you see this sign

You’re close to adventure when you see this sign

Afterward, head back out, get another 15km under the belt just ‘cause . . . ‘cause renown Coach Jim Tucker will be there watching, looking for the excellence known from those who travel the VIC trails.

Or, if in the mood for a shorter run, navigate the 5km race; both will offer an alternative touring category where points are collected by visiting controls placed near beautiful points along the way like eskers, beaver ponds, and maybe one at the Top of Ole Smoky? Wait, wrong mountain; at the Top of 2,514 ft. Ole Jenkins!

Even the deer are asking: "What are you waiting for? Register now!"

Even the deer are wondering: “What are you waiting for?” Commit now!

Regardless of the distance or race type, participants will enjoy pastoral scenes that define the sylvan experience in the VIC, a true national landmark.

For the family, there’s a 1km Bunny Run to race for those under 12 years old; event starts at 11 a.m.

Click here for even more information, but remember one thing: Be There!

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