The Soup Changing the World: Hot Can’s Self-Heating Soup

Will wonders never cease?

Three tasty flavors: Mushroom, Tomato and Asparagus

With creations like the Hot Can, the answer is never; and thank goodness for innovation alive and well in the world. The ingenuity behind this regular sized soup can that heats itself HOT warms the soul . . . or is that just their vegetable-flavored tomato making its way down my gullet?

Better than a stove, better than a microwave—they’re difficult to carry on long trail sojourns if you’ve never tried it before—the mini-cooker in Hot Can’s Self Heating Soup “Gets it hot anytime, anywhere” as they are prone to say.

In the little portable oven inside each can, a natural non-toxic reaction is created once you press the button on the bottom. Abracadabra, magic steam  generates inside the container—I felt it warming within seconds—as Calcium Oxide and water get married and produce their off-spring, Calcium Hydroxide.

A more formal way of saying it is to call it an exothermic reaction, meaning these scientists, led by founder and chief executive Kenneth Kolb, listened intently in high school chemistry class rather than passing notes.

Here are the key points: The reactions are CO2 neutral, so there. The can is recyclable.

And here is what is so cool about hot soup: It IS hot and it IS delicious in three minutes. My stove won’t even heat up that fast.

With a special lip guard once the pop-top clicks like a cola-can, one sips away. The first taste will amaze with the flavor and warmth. The second and on will satisfy hunger, while the last one . . . ahhh, that last swig will have one looking around for another.

In my whole life I’ve never had consumed an entire can of tomato soup. The Hot Can version puts one on the trail, sitting atop a peak, looking out over the forests below, enjoying the best of foods—mother knows best!—soup.

The soup will add 50 degrees with the internal sizzler quietly going about its business; so a can at room temperature will be hot while in freezing weather, it won’t reach that degree, but given the ambient temps, it will seem refreshingly warm. I’m looking forward to testing the cans in cold weather to see how it goes.

The other flavors available now are mushroom and asparagus.

And like carrying your favorite barista in your backpack, Hot Can offers Café Mocha, Café Latte, Hot Cocoa, and Hot Tea, too . . . bring your own crumpets.

A canned Barista heats your favorite drink

A sample 6-pack of the beverages or the soups are available for $14.40 ($2.40 each, about the cost of an unhealthy energy drink).

My favorite choice is their Ultimate 6-Pack with three soups and three drinks; like having your cake and drinking it, too.

Where is this technology going, having created the hottest portable food/drink can on earth? First, it’s not new having been created in 2002 already.

Then, think about their newest creations: self-heating baby formula with a built-in nipple like a baby bottle, and steamers that will heat solid food to name two they will disclose. The think-tank no doubt has more ideas canned away.

In John Frankenheimer’s direction (think Manchurian Candidate 1962, Ronin, 1998) the Attica prison saga became real in 1994’s Against the Wall. Sensational actors as Samuel L. Jackson and Kyle MacLachlan brought a viewer both sides of the humanity involved.

But it was Clarence Williams III who stated the basic plea from inmates that is àpropos to the Hot Can phenomena.

Serving cold food to inmates spread animosity among the incarcerated; when the riot began, Williams character, Chaka, standing over the scene, yells “Hot soup! Hot soup (you morons).”

And now decades later, it’s as easy to offer as pulling a pop-top.

Find a smart Hot Can retailer near you.

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