Advertorial: Columbia’s Omni-Heat Electric vs. “Anti-spokesperson” Wim Hof

Wim Hof, Columbia’s Omni-Heat Electric “Anti-spokesman,” only requires the power of his mind to withstand extreme temperatures. For the rest of us, there’s Omni-Heat Electric. Columbia believes you’ll prefer the ease of getting warm with the push of a button to Wim’s rigorous, near-naked training in extreme cold.

Columbia’s Omni-Heat Electric provides you with on-demand, electric-powered thermal technology built right into jackets, footwear and gloves for a game changing warmth experience that will forever alter our relationship with the frigid temps of winter.

Omni-Heat Electric puts the power of warmth right at your fingertips. Just push a button for customizable coziness delivered directly to the places where you need it most. The state of the art carbon-based heaters powered by lightweight rechargeable batteries keep you toasty for hours on end.

And for extra temperature management, all styles also have Omni-Heat Reflective – a lining that keeps you 20 percent warmer than a regular lining even when you’re not using the electric feature. Omni-Heat Reflective’s little silver dots reflect heat back to you and they also breathe so you don’t overheat.

Watch Omni-Heat Electric versus Wim Hof at and judge for yourself.

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