Columbia’s Omni-Heat Technology Provides Warmth and Breathability

Columbia’s Omni-Heat technology can be credited for a good part of the effectiveness of the jacket. In plain terms, the little silver dots on the inside of the jacket reflect heat back at you, retaining the warmth your body generates. The technical fabric also allows breathability, and if things start to heat up too much on a long uphill, Columbia hasn’t forgotten good old-fashioned pit zips for the ultimate cooldown. I’ve been wearing waterproof/breathable jackets for years and the Triple Trail Shell is the most effective I’ve worn for keeping me dry and warm when moisture is coming at me from both inside and outside the jacket.

Some other features I like:

  • There are lots of pockets and the positioning is generally good. The chest pocket accommodates an iPod, and roomy inside pockets hold gloves or keep your energy bar from freezing. I’m always harping that jacket side pockets need to be higher so they aren’t covered by the hip belt of a backpack – the Triple Trail Shell comes close to satisfying me on this.
  • The adjustable hood is great for making sure your peripheral vision isn’t compromised. You still want to see those lovely trailside trees even if it is snowing and blowing.
  • Stretch panels along the back and shoulders ensure good mobility, and nice soft fabric on the collar is easy on the neck and chin.
Midweight Base Layer

Columbia’s Midweight Long Sleeve Base Layer is a great choice to wear under that jacket. It has those same nifty silver dots to reflect your body heat back to you in the areas you need it … Omni-Heat strikes again! In high-perspiration areas, namely under the arms, a wicking fabric is used to control moisture.

I found this to be an extremely comfortable base layer. It is highly stretchable so does not restrict movement. The generous length of the body and sleeves prevent midriff and wrist drafts. And, I have to admit that I even wore it in the chilly yoga room at my gym. Among all those yoga fashionistas, I didn’t feel out of place in the least!

To find out more about Columbia’s Triple Trail Shell and Midweight Long Sleeve Base Layer, visit

To purchase the Triple Trail Shell for women, click here … and for men, click here.  To purchase the Midweight Long Sleeve Base Layer for women, click here … and for men, click here.

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