A Snowshoeing Experience: Columbia Bugatech Lite Omni-Heat Boots

The first time I got out to snowshoe wasn’t until Dec. 12 and it just so happened to be during a crazy snowstorm. The high for that day was 19 degrees and the low was 8. I have no clue what the wind-chill was, but it sure was cold and blowing like mad.

It had been snowing for a few days and we got an additional 12.3 inches on this particular day. Last year, I bought a pair of Columbia boots and ended up returning them because they just did not keep my feet warm. I was rather disappointed in them and was hoping for a different outcome with the Columbia Bugatech Lite Omni-Heat Boots.

I felt a little skeptical when I first put them on and was a little concerned about the stiffness. Once I got moving though and got used to them I found they were really comfortable and very supportive. I have some issues with my right ankle occasionally from an injury and I found that the boots really helped a lot. I ended up going through the woods behind my house in Skandia for quite a few miles.

I’m not positive how far it was but it was a ways for sure. I did a good amount of breaking trail while carrying my 3-year old daughter. We ended up getting out there pretty deep in the woods and chose to take a different route home. We went down 1 small hill and ended up climbing one of the biggest hills I’ve ever seen.

My feet stayed warm the entire time and I found the boots gave me the support I needed with just the right amount of maneuverability to get up and down the hills as easily as possible. Over all I really like the boots and would absolutely recommend them to any snowshoer or anyone else looking for a good boot to get out there in the wintery weather with.

Here’s a link to the product page on the Columbia website: http://bit.ly/euXTXg.  To view Anna’s snowshoeing photos, click here.

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