Advertorial – Baldas: New to the North American Snowshoe Market


New to the North American market, this Italian designed and built line of snowshoes will revolutionize the way we think of and use snowshoes.  Baldas is a division of the Ferrino Company, a family owned maker of premium quality outdoor gear for over 140 years (

Models range from the white camouflage units used by the Italian army, to specifically designed and built models for racers – as evidenced by the gold medal won by the Baldas ladies and silver medal of the men at the 2010 Winter Olympic exhibition races.

There are eight different models to choose from.  Each model features spikes and clumps for excellent grip on ice.  Each model features a base-plate step-in binding.

Any form of shoe or boot can be worn, as the foot is held in place in a no pressure, shin strap and NOT clamped at the toes.

Models come in various colors.  The top 2 models (Trek and Trek Grip) are built around a 6060TS – HB 73/75 aluminum alloy T-bar frame, with nine stainless steel crampons, and a steel clump. The Trek Grip even has stainless steel saw-tooth blades mounted the full length of the snowshoes.

All other models are made of composite plastics and use no rivets.  Flotation is achieved through a web of high strength molded ribs, and traction is further enhanced by the maze of channels on the underside of each snowshoe.  Base-plates allow for normal hinged foot motion, or the heel can be locked down to assist walking in extremely soft or deep snow conditions.

All models come equipped with heel lifters, to aid in a more comfortable walking experience when climbing hills. And, since the lifters act on the base-plate, there is no pressure to the arch of the foot (as on other brands).

All models come with a standard two-year manufacturer’s warranty.  Quality is assured through the manufacturer’s ISO 9001/2000 certification.  

All models come in a rugged nylon carry bag with straps to mount poles and/or to attach to backpacks: Two carry handles for a choice of carrying positions and a compartment for I.D.

Available through Airmiles, Aeroplan, at select dealers across Canada, and directly from Caribou, Inc.:

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