We’re Going to Server Up Some More Snowshoemag.com

Great things are on their way to Snowshoemag.com…and in the middle of all the changes, a new server for the Web site.

Yes, that’s right, our offerings are becoming more sophisticated by the day. As we maintain our efforts to strengthen our Internet spirits before a print version makes its way into your hands, our site will become the launching point of what we believe will be a burgeoning source for snowshoers worldwide.

Here’s what we are envisioning for our site and reformed newsletter and update:

*A completely redesigned Snowshoemag.com: This will include the site’s new look and new functions. It should take on a completely different look, but it will provide better navigation, more enhanced advertising areas, a smoother and more clean look, and more flexibility to provide only the best content to snowshoers (first-timers, intermediates, and experts).

*An all-new update newsletter: The text update that usually appears in your e-mail inbox (if it doesn’t, please subscribe – it’s free!) will soon be an HTML-based newsletter that will feature new monthly content, updates from the Snowshoemag team and advertising. We will be providing text e-mails separately, so if you have one of those e-mail addresses that don’t accept HTML, please let us know (e-mail newsletter@snowshoemag.com).

*A username and password for all subscribers of the newsletter: When we debut these new features, subscribers can update their personal information – this will need to be done considering all we have are e-mail addresses. So, once this feature is available, we invite existing subscribers and new subscribers to update and submit complete contact information, including: Address, phone, and more. This will help us in our correspondence efforts and later when we offer a print publication.

*Polls: We will be featuring polls on our site to gather information about our snowshoeing audience. These polls will not only hold significance in providing information to our advertisers and partners but also on a level of management. We want to know what you are all thinking, and polls will provide an accurate snapshot of where we need to make improvements and where certain aspects are experiencing success.

*A snowshoer forum: As many have requested, a forum will allow our visitors an area to exchange friendly banter and information. This new feature will provide a classifieds area as well (another requested feature), where snowshoers and site visitors can come together and sell products and services. The forums will be regulated for content and allow a community to grow.

*Contests: As we mature in our offerings through our new site, we will be featuring contests for subscribers and site visitors. In partnership with organizations that are willing to participate and with advertisers, readers will have the chance to win some great prizes. Stay tuned to Snowshoemag for this highly anticipated feature.

As you have read, we are evolving into quite the source for snowshoers and we maintain our ability to provide original and unbiased content. Although these new updates will take some time to complete, they are on the horizon. Plus, these new services will help us provide information and content on a timely basis – making our jobs somewhat simpler. This will in turn help us help you get in some snowshoes and out in the snow (when the snow arrives of course).

On a separate note, Snowshoe Magazine would like to congratulate Josiah Middaugh on winning the Nissan Xterra Central Championships Triathlon at Keystone, Colo. Known for his credits as a two-time national snowshoe champion, Middaugh finished the 1,000-meter swim, 27-kilometer bike and 10-kilometer run in two hours, seven minutes and 32 seconds. Look for Middaugh to appear throughout the winter 2004/2005 snowshoe season as the races commence.

Subscribe today to Snowshoe Magazine’s e-mail updates and become part of a dynasty in the making – and tell a friend to subscribe. We need your help in making all this work. As our motto says: “Our commitment to the sport of snowshoeing and the future of this publication will remain steadfast.” We live by it.

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