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It’s hard to believe that only a few months ago I was handed a pair of snowshoes…and with that I thought of snowshoeing in the sense of a celestial publishing venture that only few could understand at the time. From that point on, I have a more respectful sense of the historical beginnings, the reverential athletes, the tourist-born admirers and the snow-covered land that communally support the art of snowshoeing. It is a symbiosis worth meditating on.

So, as the publisher of Snowshoe Magazine and those that have invested their faith in this concept, we invite you to strap on a pair of snowshoes and trek along with us as we journey into the future unknown. It’s going to be an experience worth your time, patience and stamina; that we promise. And, your involvement starts with joining our community and subscribing to our e-mail updates and future newsletter.

As a reader of this Magazine, you will find four functional snowshoeing focus areas: Destinations, health/fitness, advocacy and the professional circuit. These hubs have been chosen to demonstrate the importance of snowshoeing on the levels of growth and the spread of the sport’s unique qualities throughout the world. We chose these areas to support one central idea: The international expansion of snowshoeing for enthusiasts and professionals.

A place to snowshoe peacefully and freely is one that will be respected and revisited. Whether it’s a nordic center, bed and breakfast ranch, state-controlled open space area, or somewhere off the beaten path, they all mean something to us and our mission for snowshoers. Readers will find Snowshoe Magazine’s support of destinations within editorial/commentary pieces, experience notes, reviews and many other types of articles.

If you’re health conscious and winter sports are your forte, snowshoeing should be your mantra. The health and fitness benefits of snowshoeing are worth taking into consideration. According to, a person can burn 400 to 500 calories per hour by snowshoeing and burn 45 percent more calories than walking or running at the same speed. These findings are imperative to the awareness of snowshoeing to help make it more than just a sport but a life-changing activity.

Because snowshoeing isn’t as commercialized as skiing and snowboarding, advocacy of open space is necessary. Supporting your state’s snowshoeing club and the United States Snowshoe Association (USSSA) will help improve the amount of freedom snowshoers can utilize to explore our country’s backcountry and snow-laden terra firma. In essence, snowshoeing is an environmentally safe activity and virtually has no effect on natural surroundings. Watch for our consistent political campaigns to help snowshoers traverse at will.

The budding popularity of snowshoeing has spawned an industry of professional racers and endurance competitors that have facilitated the sport’s placement on the winter sports map. From the North American racing circuit to the European competition scene, snowshoeing is moving swiftly into the ranks of an Olympic sport. Our goal is to be at the 2006 Olympics for the first demonstration snowshoe race in Italy. Snowshoe Magazine plans to have Tom Sobal, one of the world’s top snowshoeing athletes, contribute his own editorial voice throughout the publication’s evolution. It will be a one of a kind offering for all to enjoy.

As for me, your brave and courageous independent publisher, I will be traveling Colorado (where the Magazine will be based) to begin what will become a transcendent transformation into the world of snowshoes. The adventure starts here. And, for the fortunes of the impending…I hope to see you in the backcountry of some far away land, navigating forthcoming miles of freshly lain snow. If you’re lucky, someday I might have a free issue of Snowshoe Magazine to offer.

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