Review: Atlas Elektra Access

IYOO3483When I first received these snowshoes the first thought that went through my head was “what a color”. The turquoise mixed with the black and the yellow bindings made these snowshoes stand out, especially when compared to all the black and blue pairs I own.

The Wrapp Trail bindings immediately stuck out to me and I was overjoyed to see that they were going to be super easy to get in and out of. One of my biggest pet peeves is snowshoe bindings that are hard to manage, especially if you have to take your mitts off to fasten or unfasten them.

The second thing I was really happy to see was the shape of these snowshoes, designed specifically for women they offer a narrower nose and tapered trails, allowing for a natural gait rather than the wide gait one often has to use on snowshoes.

IMG_0738I couldn’t wait to try these snowshoes out so I headed to the trails, again and again and again. I actually cannot get enough of these snowshoes, that’s how awesome they
are. My boots fit perfectly into the bindings, never getting stuck and never coming loose. I can undo and do them up in a matter of seconds and not once have my knees or feet been sore from them.

One of my favourite things about them is that they don’t kick up a lot of snow. Normally I have to wear my snowpants out, even if I know I am using a trail that isn’t deep because my snowshoes kick up so much snow on the back of my pants, but not these ones! I am able to wear them and use them without snowpants, which when it’s warm out, rocks! The heel lift is useful for steepA5563C29-3FA0-435B-8666-F52FD06E8F83

The heel lift is useful for steep ascents, the crampons are nice and sturdy allowing me to stay upright in icy situations and they are light enough to clip on my backpack when I don’t need them.

Every woman needs a pair of these snowshoes: stylish, light and comfortable. it’s hard to imagine wearing anything but these now!

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