Snowshoe Magazine 2016 Photo Competition

As of February 15th, the Snowshoe Mag 2016 photo competition has ended. Thank you to everyone who entered a photo and voted in the contest and congratulations to our winners! Check out all winners and honorable mentions.

There are always so many great opportunities to get great photos. The snow with great lighting makes it possible to catch photos like this one…


At Snowshoe Magazine, we wanted to give the opportunity for readers to submit their photos. So we’re doing the Snowshoe Magazine photo competition! Here’s how it works.

First, you go to (you may need to log in or register) and upload your picture. After uploading a picture, you will get a link to share your photo. Make sure to save that link. You can upload as many photos as you want. There is no cost and you can read the competition policy here. Members of Snowshoe Magazine can vote for a picture once a day.

On February 15th, the competition closes, and 5 winners will be chosen. Winners will be chosen based upon vote count and by the Snowshoe Magazine staff.

There are 5 different packages available for the winners of the competition. Each package is worth approximately $200 USD. Below are all of the prizes.

Yukon Charlie’s Prize

Yukon Charlie’s makes snowshoes and it’s sister brands Sportsstuff and Airhead make Snow Tubes for the whole family. Yukon Charlie’s is offering either theSherpa Snowshoes for adults and the Jr. Series Molded for children. In addition, Airhead is offering a Airhead Chaos Snow Toboggan and Sportsstuff is offering Sportsstuff Manta Ray to complete the package. This package retails for between $180-230.Yukon Charlie’s makes snowshoes and inflatables for the whole family. Yukon Charlie’s is offering either the Sherpa Snowshoes for adults and the Jr. Series Molded for children. In addition, they are offering a Sportsstuff Chaos Snow Toboggan and an Airhead Manta Ray. This package retails for between $180-230.

MSR Prize

MSR has developed backcountry snowshoes for tackling difficult trails. MSR is offering the Revo Explore Snowshoes for either men, woman, 22″ or 25″ as a prize. These snowshoes use advanced bindings, a durable design, and have a $259.95 MSRP value. View their Men’s Revo Explore Snowshoes and Women’s Revo Explore Snowshoes.

Wilderness Athlete Prize

Wilderness Athlete provides scientifically validated nutrition and sports performance product formulations. They are offering a package of all 6 flavors of Energy & Focus, Hydrate & Recover, Green Infusion and High Performance Multi-Vitamins. This package retails for $225. View their product here.

Crescent Moon Prize

Crescent Moon makes snowshoes along with many great accessories. For this contest, Crescent Moon will be offering up booties that keep your feet dry while snowshoeing. In addition, they will provide their poles for balance. These products retail for $110.

Summit Snowshoe Company Prize

Summit Snowshoe Company has developed recreational snowshoes using the highest grade materials and is dedicated to providing industry-leading customer service. They are offering any pair of their snowshoes with a value of between $100 and $200. View their products here.

The first prize winner will get the first choice of which package they want. The second prize gets second choice of the remaining packages. Contributors to Snowshoe Magazine will be the last to choose.

Get your pictures in! The sooner you get the pictures in, the more likely you will win!

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