Colorado’s Mitch Kasyon and Family Go Rocking and Running Along

What does a sports family do after the 2012 USSSA Junior and Senior National Snowshoe Championships raced in the heart of the snow-covered Rockies? Go on a family Spring break vacation . . . and exercise! And of course, have fun.

Lisa Kasyon, spirited mother of Mitch Kasyon, the reigning two-time National USSSA Junior Men’s Champion, told Snowshoe Magazine, “(We) were biking, hiking, running and sightseeing in Moab area of Utah for the break.”

Easton Vo2 Direct Mount raced by Kasyon to the USSSA National Junior Championship

I asked her what Mitch had revealed to her regarding his plans for snowshoe racing. “Trying to pin Mitch down about his future plans is a moving target. He is such a free spirit and likes to do most things out-of-doors. He loves snowshoe racing, so I’m sure he’ll be back next season (in Bend, OR) to try his luck at senior nationals. He also mentioned that he may want to try trail running, but has yet to enter any races.

His first love has always been cycling, and he is part of the Colorado University cycling team. He particularly enjoys cross-country mountain biking, both trail riding for fun and racing though he has just recently gotten into racing. Interestingly, he also used to be quite a good swimmer and competed many years on a swim team, so maybe someday he’ll do triathlon or XTERRA. For now his says he doesn’t like swimming because he doesn’t like to practice indoors.”

Photo by Adam Speer

Mitch is an engineering student at CU. His dream job? “Use this to get a job either designing bikes or some other outdoor equipment.”

He has received some good advice along the way. “I am so glad that coach Lambros suggested snowshoeing and that Mitch took to it so well. It’s such a great community of people and now my husband and I have enjoyed competing in races as well. After all, it takes a lot of people to make snowshoe racing a success.

I am just so impressed by all those people who traveled from other states and braved the high altitude” at Frisco, CO.

Mitch has had little time to enjoy his second national championship. “I have been really busy with school lately.” I asked him for his reaction to the layout of the course. “I thought it was great even with the last-minute changes. I liked how fast the course felt, and it was fun to race at a faster pace than usual. However, the slower, less-packed sections were interesting surprises that mixed-up the conditions on the course.

Also, having the steep hill at the end (nick-named Heartbreak Hill) was a make-or-break section that challenged racers right up to the finish. Despite the last-minute changes to the course, everything worked out quite well.”

Kasyon finished in a sizzling 23:24 for the 5 km course, a time that implied a top-ten seniors men’s finish on their 10 km course. An iconic scene was watching him well ahead of close friend, Postyn Smith taking the silver, motoring up Heartbreak Hill without seemingly break stride or slowing.

His equipment? “My snowshoes are in fact Eastons, and I race the Vo2 model. I came about racing in them after Mark Elmore contacted the national team with news that Easton was looking for people to test their new racing shoes. I immediately jumped for the opportunity and contacted Easton. A few emails later, I had the Vo2 snowshoes shipped out for the racing season, and I became an Ambassador for Easton Mountain Products. The snowshoes perform great, and I can’t thank Easton enough for their support!” The new direct fit Vo2 snowshoe had a great weekend at the nationals; read more here.

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