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With the Rocky Mountains boasting skiers galore and parks overflowing with toned bodies frolicking in the sunshine, Colorado is often cited as one of the top states for lean, healthy individuals. The Colorado Center for Health and Wellness, found at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, is about to catapult the state’s fitness reputation to a whole new level. Every nuance of this facility, slated to open in mid-April 2012, is breathtaking and state-of-the-art.

Upon entering the Colorado Center for Health and Wellness, before you even lift a finger, you will instantly feel motivated to be healthier. In fact, it may very well be possible that you burn calories and absorb nutrients by simply being in the presence of this world-class facility. The center’s goal is to educate people, change lives, and in the process, make the world healthier. The center will begin educating and interacting with the local community and then branch out into the state of Colorado, across the nation and around the world.

People from across the globe are already signing up to visit the Colorado Center for Health and Wellness because there is truly no other comparable concept. The development team has though of everything – from the perspective of comfort, research, technology and aesthetics – and then they came back with more experts and thought of additional details that could astonish consumers and researchers.

The center focuses on a comprehensive approach to wellness, which is much more than diet and exercise. Complete wellness also includes sleep, stress, weight management, flexibility and so much more. New members complete an extensive fitness assessment at the Mind/Body Studio so that a trainer can help complete a clear plan of action for each individual’s needs and goals. Of course, the big challenge is making health fun, which the Colorado Center for Health and Wellness seems to have mastered.

Visitors will drool over three kitchens and will stand in awe at the research grocery store; Technogym equipment, which uses smart-key USB ports to track your workouts; circuit area; indoor track; special training room for elite athletes and special programs; and a clinic and lab with nutritional counseling, alternative therapies and cosmetic services. Relax or meditate on the mountain-view rooftop terrace known as the Green Roof and then enjoy a boardroom classroom; world-class locker rooms with steam rooms and saunas; an exercise pool; a deep-water jogging pool; a large-group exercise room with shock-absorbing floors; and a group-cycling room. Group exercise classes come with top fitness instructors– there were 60 positions available and 800 applicants.

Although the center blossomed from the philosophy of making health and wellness enjoyable, science remains at the core of the center’s approach.  Scientists, nutritionists and researchers buzz about the facility conducting experiments, examining data and educating people. In fact, a majority of the fourth floor is intentionally designed for collaboration, where researchers can get together to create “connective wellness” and provide a complete continuum of care for everyone, from über-athletes to people with illnesses. Dr. Jim Hill, the center’s executive director, ensures that the facility doesn’t do anything that isn’t scientifically valid.

The Colorado Center for Health and Wellness is a must-see. You will find countless ways to make wellness more fun, while watching your health and fitness abilities soar.

Want more? Stay tuned for the next article about the Colorado Center for Health and Wellness, with detail about the amazing amenities that this facility offers. Hydroponic herb garden or mountain-view sunrise yoga, anyone? How about playing video games against other gym-goers while on the elliptical? Yeah, you’re going to want to check out this next article!

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