New Jersey’s Erik Sports Boasts a Sustainable Operation and Whitewoods Snowshoes

Whitewoods snowshoes designed by Erik Sports in Tranquility, N.J. are for the weekend snowshoer, who does not want to spend extravagantly on equipment. Erik Sports is North America’s first solar-powered sports company that distributes snow sports products in the U.S. and Canada.

Michael Messler, the proprietor of Erik Sports for the past 38 years, takes great pride in his sustainably operated facility, which reportedly saved 30,000 pounds of carbon emissions in 2010. The warehouse and office building use a wood-burning boiler for heat; since tightening up the infrastructure, Messler’s noticed that the boiler is using much less wood.

He researched solar photovoltaic panels and on a trip abroad he purchased panels that would fit his needs. Messler helped install the solar panels on the roof to provide all the electricity that the company uses, and he sells some power back to his local utility, too.

There are two Whitewoods snowshoe models, including the TH series that have a larger surface for unpacked deeper snow and the LT series for snowshoeing on packed trails. A smaller snowshoe for kids less than 60 pounds is 14-inch by 7-inch with a universal binding. For older and bigger youngsters weighing 60 to 100 pounds, the LT 18 is longer and has a ratchet binding.

Both the TH and LT series snowshoes are available in 22-inch, 27-inch and 30-inch long models for snowshoers weighing 100 to 150, 150 to 200, and more than 200 pounds, respectively (all three are 8.5-inches wide). The TH has a full oval decking for better floatation with aggressive articulating 3mm thick crampons while the LT has a tapered design.

All Whitewoods snowshoes use 6061 aluminum and 2mm polyethylene nylon deck material. The bindings and crampons are mounted with lock nuts allowing easy repair or replacement with parts that can be acquired at any Whitewoods dealership.

Prices are $69 for the kids snowshoe while the LT series snowshoes are $99, $109 and $119 for the 22, 27 and 30 inch models, respectively.  The TH series models are $119, $129, and $139 for the same sizes, respectively.

Messler reported that dealer inventories were sold out after last year’s snow that covered most of the country. This was great for product suppliers to sell higher volume of products across the country.

Erik Sports is the only snowshoe company that includes snowshoes and cross country ski products under one roof.  The company also carries snowboards, snowboard boots and bindings, alpine twin tip skis, mini-skis, wax and accessories. Erik Sports’ slogan, “affordable without compromise,” encompasses the passion behind all of its products and brands.

You’ll find Whitewoods Snowshoes at ski shops, sporting goods stores and online retailers. For more information and a dealer locater, visit

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Roger Lohr,

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  • Hi, I’m Kim Alexander -pres. of Fox River Sports Waukesha,WI we would like to be included in the dealer locator, please. We also sent an e-mail, asking if it would be o.k. with you to list you on our links page. Nice site ! We look forward to a profitable 2015 for us all. Respectfully,Kim

  • Erik Sports might like to know Whitewoods doesn’t have much of a footprint on the internet. I saw a pair today and having been trying to do some research to learn more about them. This was the first I learned about the company.

    • The White Woods Web site has a dealer locater but I have not found any retailers that have a link that works from it. So I suggest you find the nearest retailer on that list and google the retailer to find the right Web site, or call them to talk about the White Woods snowshoe products.