Ergonomic Race Snowshoe Performs Like Nothing Else

The success of Easton with the new ergonomically designed ARTICA snowshoe line has lead to the development of the new VO2 comp, a sleek, lightweight race-ready running snowshoe. 

VO2 Comp starts with a two-piece 7075 Easton Aerospace alloy frame that flexes over rough terrain.  The asymmetrical ergonomic design offers comfortable maneuverability and better step tracking.  Set inside the 3K weave carbon fiber decking is the Virtual Pivot Traction Cam.  This dual-arm innovation connects to a super-strong carbon fiber pivot rod that creates a step-leveling virtual third pivot-point for digging deep and improved traction.

The revolutionary split front crampon allows each side to pivot independently.  This independent movement gives you extra dig where you need it and allows the crampon to automatically adjust to the supination or pronation of your natural stride.

The ergonomic design of the forged aluminum crampon prevents sideslip and offers better energy transfer for speed and agility.  The direct connect mounting system delivers full range of motion and allows the user to mount whatever shoe or boot is best suited for their specific needs for a tailored fit and feel.

The innovative frame design and Virtual Pivot Traction Cam absorb the stresses normally transferred to the ankle, knee, and hip while providing unsurpassed stability and control.

Unlike anything else, the VO2 Comp will help you Go Farther — Faster.


Easton Technical Products, makers of advanced aluminum and carbon fiber tubing and tent pole systems, is making waves with their new consumer focused mountain products.  No longer does Easton only supply OEM tubing for many of the industry’s leading manufacturers but Easton Mountain Products is now home to a growing line of technologically advanced snowshoes, trekking poles and tents. 

“Easton has a well established reputation for quality and understands the needs of the most demanding user; lighter, stronger, better.  This new emphasis gives us an opportunity to showcase our USA grown innovations and deliver them into the hands of consumers” says Rich Packer, Easton’s Media Manager.  “Launched in 2009 the ergonomically designed ARTICA Series snowshoes are built with five patent-pending features with the Backcountry model winning the 2009 Outside Magazine Gear-of-the-Year Award.  Our tents feature high strength lightweight Easton carbon fiber pole systems, while our carbon or Aluminum trekking poles lead the way with the new Rock-Lock clamping system.”

Easton also hit the market with a growing line of carbon fiber and aluminum trekking poles that feature their new patent-pending Rock-Lock clamping system.  The advanced tent designs feature Easton’s expedition-tested carbon fiber pole technology.  “We are working hard to deliver products that advance the usability and performance features for the adventurous,” adds Rich. 

You can see the full Easton Mountain Products line at

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