photo of 'Crescent Moon Snowshoes'

When we started the Crescent Moon snowshoe company we built the first “batch” of shoes in our garage, first in Vail, Colo., and then moved everything to Boulder, Colo. As we grew (rapidly) those first few years we had the choice of either moving our manufacturing to China – where nearly all our competitors have their shoes made – or, to stay in Boulder and make our products where we could control the components, the quality, and of course, the processes of manufacturing.

By choosing to manufacture our products in the U.S. it meant we could choose our components to be more environmentally friendly than the industry standards and we could choose our processes such as whether or not to recycle our waste or to use wind powered energy and minimize our impact on the city and state and perhaps, even larger, the place we live and sell our products. We chose to keep it local and by doing so, provide a small number of jobs within our community and be a part of the local manufacturing scene and contracting other similar minded suppliers with whom, over time, we’ve become good friends.

Crescent Moon is not a big company, but we have conscientiously pursued the goal of being a responsible and an environmentally considerate manufacturer. Our snowshoes are made with materials that contain NO PVC (polyvinyl chloride). This policy is complementary to our operational process of using 100% wind powered energy in our factory and office and recycling and reusing nearly everything we use, including coated fabric scraps, aluminum, stainless steel, polyurethane and HDPE parts, cardboard, and office materials. We use 85% recycled aluminum and stainless steel in our frames and claws. We are researching other parts that we can re-use as well.