Women’s Hike ™ Kit

'Women’s Hike ™ Kit'
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The Hike™ kit includes one pair of Redfeather Snowshoes that comes with a durable nylon drawstring Tote and a set of 3-Section poles with snow bails and rubber trekking tips for the summer months.

One of Redfeather’s most popular snowshoes and built specifically for a woman’s stride, the Hike™ for Women features a narrowed Western Roundtail for superior flotation and a Live Action Hinge for added mobility and speed. The Women’s Hike™ was designed to provide a snowshoeing experience that is easy on a woman’s hips, knees, and joints. Because a woman has a slightly narrower stride than a man, Redfeather created the framework of this snowshoe to be in harmony with that narrow stride. The result is a woman’s snowshoe that will provide hour after hour of hiking and recreational snowshoeing enjoyment. The SV2 Binding System ensures a secure fit and superior lateral support.

Technical Specs:

  • Frame: 6000 Series Aircraft Aluminum Roundtail
  • Deck: TX-35 Rip Stop Vinyl. Superior puncture and abrasion resistance that stays supple in sub-zero temperatures
  • Crampon: Sure Grip Crampon System, features powder coated stainless steel crampon and talon that easily sheds snow and ice.
  • Binding: The Control Binding features a crossover “Z” nylon strapping that crosses the foot in three places and tightens with just two pulls. The back strapping of the Control System features a cinching buckle system that is simple to tighten or release, yet securely holds the boot in the binding.
  • Hinge: The Live Action Hinge lifts the tail of the snowshoe up with every step, providing the user with a highly mobile and very agile snowshoeing experience.
  • Size: 22 inches
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Manufacturer: Redfeather Snowshoes
Model Year: 2012
MSRP: $189.95
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