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'Vapor ™'
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Manufacturer Description:

Voted “The Best Running Snowshoe” by Backpacker Magazine, the Vapor™ is built for speed. The snowshoe of choice for The Redfeather Snowshoe Racing Team, this is the ultimate trail runner’s fitness snowshoe. This featherweight is also one of Redfeather’s strongest snowshoes. The Vapor™ is featured at 21 inches long and supports up to 190 lbs.

The Vapor™ features a modified, raised V-tail design that virtually eliminates any drag during a running stride. The Hypalon II Cross Country Bindings cinch down to any athletic shoe or hiking boot for flexibility and range of motion. The Vapor’s Hypalon II decking is Redfeather’s lightest, yet strongest technical decking. The final speed ingredient is the Eagle 360 powder coated stainless steel crampon/talon system, our most durable crampon available. Put it all together in a 6000 Series Aircraft Grade Aluminum frame and you have the fastest shoe on snow.

Technical Specs:

  • Frame: 6000 Series Aircraft Aluminum Hybrid V-Tail
  • Deck: Hypalon II – High tech, ultra lightweight, super strong material that is puncture and abrasion resistant and stays soft in sub-zero temperatures.
  • Crampon: Titanium Crampon System, Redfeather’s lightest crampon-talon system, is also one of the strongest. This is the preferred crampon system for trail running and competitive snowshoe racing.
  • Binding: The Cross Country Binding, fits any Redfeather snowshoe, and is the lightest of all of the Redfeather binding systems. Made from Hypalon II, Redfeather’s strongest and lightest decking material, the Cross Country incorporates urethane straps that cinch down on steel buckles to secure any running shoe or light hiking shoe.
  • Hinge: The Live Action Hinge lifts the tail of the snowshoe up with every step, providing the user with a highly mobile and very agile snowshoeing experience.
Manufacturer: Redfeather Snowshoes
Model Year: 2013
MSRP: $249.95
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