Tubbs Men’s Wilderness Snowshoe

'Tubbs Men’s Wilderness Snowshoe'
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Manufacturer Description:

The best winter hike starts with the right gear, and the Tubbs Wilderness men’s snowshoe is your jumping off point. Our 180™ Pro binding combined with our Fit-Step™ frame and ActiveLift™ heel make the perfect blend of modern tech, comfort, and ease of use for all-day adventure seekers. Don’t stop hiking when the snow falls – get inspired by winter Wilderness on this Tubbs classic.

Technical Specs:

Weight/Pair: 4.5 lbs / 2.04 kg (25”)

Sizes Available: 25, 30, 36

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Manufacturer: Tubbs Snowshoes
Model Year: 2016
MSRP: $199.95
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4 thoughts on “Tubbs Men’s Wilderness Snowshoe

  1. My rating:

    In addition to attending some of the wonderful presentations at the 2012 Winter Outdoor Adventure Expo at Midwest Mountaineering in Minneapolis, I took a gander at a pair of Tubbs Wilderness snowshoes. These are high quality gear. The manufacturers put comfort, safety and performance high on their design list. And these snowshoes certainly show it. The Wilderness model is mainly used for hiking, particularly for level and moderately hilly terrain. Strength, weight and comfort make these a wise choice for all surfaces. Relatively new to snowshoeing, I hope to make these my initial choice.

  2. I bought a pair of Tubbs Wilderness 36s 3 years ago, after getting away from the sport for about 5 years due to my Yubashoes Borderlines having gotten too small for me (I didn’t get too big for them! Nope!) The Wilderness is a great, great snowshoe! The bindings are very secure, and quicker to get into than those on my Mountaineer 36s – once you get them adjusted for your boots, you leave the heel strap set and just place your heel firmly against the strap then insert one buckle and tighten the forefoot straps. 10 seconds per ‘shoe, tops, and you’re on your way. They’re comfortable, provide great flotation, and have lots of traction for rolling terrain.

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