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  • I bought my Tubbs Mountaineer 36 snowshoes late in the season to replace my broken Wilderness 36s, and the increase in traction was hard to believe. Hills that had me kicking and kicking in the Wilderness 36s, and still needing to put a lot of weight on my poles, didn’t stand a chance against the ultra-aggressive toe crampons of the Mountaineers. I used the poles more to stabilize myself while kicking my next step than anything else. The bindings take a little longer to get into and out of than my Wildernesses did, but they’re also more secure. More comfortable, too, with the padded tops. They have the same surface area as the Wilderness 36s so they do just as well in softer snow. I consider them a great all-around snowshoe that also lets you climb steep terrain like a mountain goat.

  • I have been using Tubbs snowshoes for about 17 years and found that this snowshoe has been the most comfortable for the Colorado trails I go on. Would recommend these highly!