The Rocket™ Running Snowshoe

'The Rocket™ Running Snowshoe'
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Manufacturer Description:

Certified, organic, home grown carbon fiber harvested under a Crescent Moon from wild techno trees and spun into the lightest weight snowshoes known to man. All the laws of physics are violated in the careful craftsmanship of the Rocket™. It’s true, we use the latest in rocket science technology to make them many times stronger than steel but, incredibly lightweight; the application is straight out of the NASA space program and the Rocket is bound to put your snowshoeing experience into a different orbit.

As opposed to other manufacturers, we don’t scrimp or eliminate basic features to make a lighter weight snowshoe. Our Single Pull Loop (SPL) race binding secures your foot with equal tension in all directions and eliminates painful hot spots.Other bindings come loose during snowshoeing because they are open at the toe which allows your foot to slide back and forth and become loose. The all-foot encompassing SPL binding captures your foot from top to bottom, side to side, and most uniquely, front to back and eliminates the ‘foot-slop’ problem. Consequently, readjustments and re-tightening, which are common in other bindings, are eliminated with the SPL binding.

The Rocket also features our 3 claw aluminum traction system so you can push off, climb, and descend with confidence. For those extremists who are looking for every possible gram reduction, you can make the Rocket even lighter by removing the SPL bindings and directly mount your running shoes to the frame – that’s nearly anti-gravitational, or whatever the opposite of weight is.

But you don’t have to wait anymore, so get ready to launch yourself into winter this season with a pair of Rockets on your feet.

Technical Specs:


  • 8″ x 24″
  • Use with bindings or without bindings as a direct mount to athletic shoes. All hardware included
  • 2.2 lbs./pr. Direct Mount (without binding). 2.84 lbs./pr. with Binding
  • Materials: Carbon fiber composite frame
  • Traction: Aluminum 3 crampons – toe, ball, heel
  • Binding: Lightweight race Single-pull-loop Binding with spring loaded cam buckles. Fits sizes 5 – 15 running shoes


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Manufacturer: Crescent Moon Snowshoes
MSRP: $399.00
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