MSR Snow Picket Snow Anchor (60 & 90 CM Models)

'MSR Snow Picket Snow Anchor (60 & 90 CM Models)'
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Manufacturer Description:

Snow Anchors

Take a look at the original Mountain Safety Research® newsletters of 1969 and the early 1970s, and you’ll see our original forays into winter tools: tubular pickets, the legendary Thunderbird™ ice axe, and even an ice screw with the now ubiquitous “coffee grinder” handle. This stuff is in our DNA. Today, MSR’s venerable snow anchors rank as the world standard of snow protection on expeditions around the globe.

Technical Specs:

Snow Picket

The MSR Snow Picket is the most widely used and trusted piece of snow protection made. Featuring reinforced durability and better ease-of-placement, it provides fast and reliable protection when it counts.

Unique Features

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum T-beam offers maximum strength with minimum weight.
  • Reinforced hammer-end reduces deformation.
  • Tapered drive-end penetrates easily.
  • Multiple, beveled attachment points allow vertical and horizontal placement.
  • Red highlight denotes the middle-clip in point.
Manufacturer: MSR Snowshoes and Poles
Model Year: 2014
MSRP: $39.95
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