MSR Responder Snow Science/Rescue Shovel

'MSR Responder Snow Science/Rescue Shovel'
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Manufacturer Description:

Uncompromising Strength. Optimized Ergonomics.

MSR shovels combine the two most critical elements for shoveling efficiency: uncompromising strength and optimized ergonomics. From their aggressive blades to rapid-deploy shafts and meticulously engineered handles, we’ve refined every detail to help you dig harder and faster. Our goal was to create the ultimate tool to charge through your most critical excavation jobs.

Universal Features
• Uncompromising 6061-T6 aluminum strength
• Durable TIG welded blade/shaft interface
• Rapid-deploy, two-section telescoping shaft
• Ergonomic handle for control with all glove types
• Neckless blade for strength and packability
• Aggressive serrated leading edge
• Flat back for digging smooth snow pit walls
• Upper shaft section fits into blade, maximizing shaft versatility

Technical Specs:

The Responder shovel’s ultra-compact blade features a flatter angle for ultimate packability in a backcountry or sidecountry pack, and a flat back for shaving smooth snow pit walls. Its serrated edge and unrelenting durability withstand cement-like avi debris, and the straighter geometry excels for chopping and paddling snow during burial rescues.

Unique Features
Ultra-packable, compact blade
Ergonomic, low-profile T-handle

Manufacturer: MSR Snowshoes and Poles
Model Year: 2014
MSRP: $59.95
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