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V-tail design for exceptional maneuverability in deeper snow and specifically built to accommodate the narrower stride of the average woman.

The SV2 Binding provides a comfortable, secure, easy on and off binding which features a one pull handle for quick-adjustment. The Live Action Hinge lifts the tail of the shoe from the snow with every step for added mobility and speed. Our 6000 Series Aircraft Aluminum V-tail is designed for exceptional maneuverability in deeper snow. Aluminum front and rear crampons for stability with vinyl shields to shed snow and ice. Rip Stop Vinyl decking provides superior puncture and abrasion resistance that stays soft in sub-zero temperatures.

Technical Specs:

  • Frame: 6000 Series Aircraft Aluminum V-Tail
  • Deck: TX-35 Rip Stop Vinyl. Superior puncture and abrasion resistance that stays supple in sub-zero temperatures
    Crampon: Sure-Grip Crampon System, features powder coated stainless steel crampon and talon that easily sheds snow and ice.
  • Binding: The New “SV2 Binding” features a “stand up” design that is very easy to enter and exit. With a One Pull motion, two supple yet durable straps cross over the top of the foot and cinch over the steel buckles. A third strap crosses behind the foot to keep the foot secure and stable. The flexible polyurethane sides of the binding system stay supple no matter what the temperature might be.
  • Hinge: The Live Action Hinge lifts the tail of the snowshoe up with every step, providing the user with a highly mobile and very agile snowshoeing experience.
  • Total Recommended User Weight w/ Gear: Up to 125 lbs.
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Manufacturer: Redfeather Snowshoes
Model Year: 2013
MSRP: $189.95
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