MSR Flight 2 Adjustable Winter Poles

'MSR Flight 2 Adjustable Winter Poles'
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Manufacturer Description:

Light, fast and ultra-reliable, Flight™ 2 poles feature our SureLock™ Adjustment System, which employs a positive push-button locking design to ensure no-slip performance. Built of ultralight, strong 7,000-series aluminum that’s extruded into a non-rotating tri-lobe shape for spot-on locking alignment, these two-section poles are the top choice of backcountry skiers, snowshoers and winter hikers who prefer a streamlined, minimalist design.

Technical Specs:

SureLock™ System: Freeze-resistant, positive-locking mechanism delivers no-slip confidence in all conditions.

Ultralight Strength: Ultralight, uncompromising 7000-series aluminum.

Breakaway Winter Strap: Designed for glove-friendly adjustments and with breakaway protection, should the pole get accidentally lodged.

Effortless Swing: Low-profile adjustment high on the pole reduces shaft weight for an effortless swing.

Non-Absorbing Foam Grip: Hydrophobic foam grips won’t conduct cold; grip features a catch for raising AT and snowshoe heel lifts.

Manufacturer: MSR Snowshoes and Poles
MSRP: $109.95
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