Guide w/Epic Binding

'Guide w/Epic Binding'
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Manufacturer Description:

The Guide is the flagship snowshoe of the Redfeather fleet. Our most aggressive crampon/talon system combined with our most durable decking makes this Western Roundtail the perfect snowshoe for backpacking, winter camping, and backcountry hiking enthusiasts.

The Redfeather Guide is the ultimate backcountry snowshoe. Stability and strength are the hallmarks of this remarkable snowshoe, qualities that make the Guide a perfect choice for mountaineering, backpacking, winter camping, backcountry excursions and even search and rescue missions.

The Western Roundtail design provides maximum flotation in deep powder, while the Pivot Rod Hinge keeps the tail of the snowshoe down but lifts the tips up for superior stability even under heavy load. The frame of The Guide is oversized 7/8″ extruded aircraft grade aluminum for exceptional strength, and the TX 45 Rip Stop decking is the strongest deck Redfeather offers. Bite and grip is never an issue with The Guide, as The Condor Crampon/Talon is Redfeather’s largest, most aggressive system and perfect for rolling terrain.

Available with the snowshoer’s choice of either the Epic or Ultra Binding, The Redfeather Guide is the ultimate backcountry snowshoe and a perfect partner for the long haul.

Technical Specs:

  • Binding: Epic Binding
  • Sizes: 30″ (supports up to 220 lbs), 36″ (supports up to 220 lbs)
  • Powder Coated Aluminum Frame:Oversized 7/8″ extruded 6000 Series Aircraft Aluminum Western Roundtail Frame
  • Crampon / Talon System: Condor Crampon System
  • Hinge: Pivot Rod Hinge
  • Deck: TX 45 Rop Stop
  • Color: Red/Black
Manufacturer: Redfeather Snowshoes
MSRP: $269.95
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