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Special for the Holidays! The Dasher is a Limited Edition Holiday Snowshoe for kids from Redfeather, and features a V-Tail design for added mobility and speed. 22 inch design supports up to 125 lbs. Handcrafted in America.

The Dasher Snowshoe, one of three Limited Edition Holiday Snowshoe designs from Redfeather, is a perfect gift of winter snowshoeing fun for kids. The Dasher features flexible, secure Summit Bindings that provide excellent lateral support and have quick adjusting toe, mid section and heel straps. The Live Action Hinge lifts the tail of the snowshoe with each step for added mobility and speed. The aluminum crampon and white powdercoated 6000 Series Aircraft Aluminum frame are the same high quality that can be found in the adult size snowshoes from Redfeather. The special red holiday deck is rugged TX-35 rip-stop vinyl that is puncture and abrasion resistant, and will take miles and miles of snow stomping fun!

This is a limited run, limited edition holiday snowshoe design that makes a great gift, and combined with our other holiday snowshoes for adults, the “Blitzen 25” and the “Blitzen 30”, gets the whole family involved in winter fun. This snowshoe is proudly crafted by hand in America.The Dasher is 22 inches long, and supports up to 125 lbs.

Technical Specs:

  • Handcrafted in America
  • Deck Graphics: Special Limited Edition Holiday Design
  • Crampon: Aluminum
  • Decking TX 35 Rip Stop Vinyl
  • Frame: Powdercoated 6000 series aircraft aluminum V-tail
Manufacturer: Redfeather Snowshoes
MSRP: $69.95
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