Beta™ Snow Science Saw

'Beta™ Snow Science Saw'
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Manufacturer Description:

Elite Performance in the Field

Engineered for isolating snow study columns to cutting shelter blocks, MSR saws are built to rip and remove snow fast. To create the most efficient and reliable saws possible, we scrutinized every design and engineering decision—from tooth designs to blade profiles and proper materials. With two distinct saws—one for snow science; the other for shelter construction—these tools are the pure reflection of aggressive speed and reliable utility in the field.

Technical Specs:

Elevating the standard of professional snow science saws, the Beta saw is built for the backcountry kits of ski patrollers, guides and serious recreationalists. The durable, stainless steel blade features both ice- and wood-cutting teeth, and is laser-etched with snow-science detailing. It combines unmatched MSR performance with one the lightest weights available.

Unique Features
• Aggressive ice- and wood-cutting teeth Debris-removing voids
• Laser-cut, stainless steel blade is among strongest, lightest available
• 30 cm marking indicates ideal snow-column width
• 1 mm & 3 mm crystal grids
• Ultra-packable—equivalent to a bundled probe
• RF-welded gear-protecting sheath

Manufacturer: MSR Snowshoes and Poles
Model Year: 2014
MSRP: $59.95
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