Advanced Series for Women

'Advanced Series for Women'
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Manufacturer Description:

Our Advanced Series for women is a feature packed “go anywhere” snowshoe, designed by women, for women.

The rocker V tail allows for a natural stride from a walk to an aerobic sprint. Integrated heel lift and our latest axle system make this series our best women’s shoe ever.

Product Description
•Feature packed snowshoes for women, designed to go anywhere
•Exclusive rocker V tail for a natural stride whether walking or running
•Integrated heel lift and molded non-slip heel strike pad
•Fast fit one pull binding conforms to your foot and reduces hot spots and foot fatigue

Technical Specs:

Select A Size: 8″ x 25″, 8″ x 21″
User + Gear Weight Range: Up to 200 lbs (8×25), Up to 150 lbs (8×21)
Weight Per Pair: 4.2 lbs (8×25), 3.4 lbs (8×21)
Aesthetics: Aqua/Gray, Silver/Purple
Frame Material: 6000 Aluminum
Deck Material: HDPE
Crampon System: Forged Steel
Binding System: Fast Fit One Pull
Axle System: Snow Motion
Integrated Heel? Yes

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Manufacturer: Yukon Charlie's
Model Year: 2015
MSRP: $119.00
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