Gear Review: HaberVision Cima Sunglasses

When snowshoeing, having a good pair of sunglasses available is necessary.  The snow can be blinding on a sunny day.  In fact, a backup pair of sunglasses should be in any snowshoer's gear arsenal.  But don't be deceived!  The idea of sunglasses should not conjure up thoughts of Oakley and over-priced Sunglass Huts.  HaberVision and its Cima model sunglasses combine polarized technology and style.  And I admit, I'm in love with my Cimas. 

Gear Review: UVEX Crow Ultra

UVEX has a habit of producing lightweight yet functional high-performance eyewear for athletes across the globe. The Crow Ultra is no exception. This featherweight is outclassed only by its durability.