Manitoba’s Sue Lucas Tames Tumultuous Tuscobia 150-Mile Trek

Amazing! Manitoba’s Sue Lucas, 51, won the overall 150-mile run on the Tuscobia Trail in the unique 2014/2015 edition when she entered the Tuscobia tent in Park Falls at 6:26 Saturday morning. Her time pulling the pulk of 48 hours, … Continue reading

Jared Vanderhook Runs Tuscobia 75 Miles Winter Endurance with Pal, his Pulk

“It was two nights before the race and zip-lock bags filled with over 8,000 calories of gels, candy, chips, sandwiches and other calorie dense food that wouldn’t freeze in the cold were spread across my kitchen table. Gear filled the … Continue reading

Winter 2014/2015 Trail Running Shoe Roundup

(Note: This article was co-written by Luke Harris.)

Last month we wrote about making the transition from roads to trails. One of the more important pieces of advice we learned from our trail running experts was that shoes matter. Unlike … Continue reading

The Battle of the Grim Reaper and the Superheroes During Surf the Murph 2014

In the early dawn hours of this last Saturday before Halloween in Savage, Minn., “Surf the Murph” trail racers were greeted by unseasonably warm temperatures–at least for us Minnesotans. Some of the costumed runners were even showing some leg, albeit … Continue reading

The Mountains are Calling: 10 Tips for Hitting the Trails

When trudging along your regular running route no longer inspires you to lace up, it might be time to give trail running a try. Numerous studies attribute heightened states of happiness and well-being to those who spend time in nature, … Continue reading

Into the Darkness: Revitalizing Read Realizes Runner’s Revenge

“Never . . . Again . . . Ever . . . ” These three words endurance athletes express time and again after a failure. Author Ryan M. Chukuske relates in his book Into the Darkness such despair may serve … Continue reading

On Natchez Mountain: A Savage 100-Mile Trail Race

What is there, there on Natchez Road?

Sitting quietly . . . a cut in the woods . . . is the  back way in Minnesota’s Murphy-Hanrehan State Park, host of the trail-fest known as the inaugural Savage 100Continue reading

A Cardinal Day: MDRA’s Ron Daws 25K

A spring blizzard pounded the Twin Cities Friday with northern suburbs counting a new foot of accumulation, putting the Saturday race conditions in doubt. Yet, snow stopped like on a clock, the sun bursting bright. Saturday, April 5, dawned clear, … Continue reading

Strap on Your Snowshoes… it’s Time for The Yeti

This year marks the biggest Yeti Snowshoe Series in Canada to date since its inception in 2001. Good news for friends on the west coast. The snow has arrived just in time for the season’s opening weekend. Whether a beginner … Continue reading

Are You Gnarly? A Gnarly Recap of the Wild Duluth 100K

What did you spend all day doing last Saturday? Did you do the same exhausting thing all day from sun up to sun down? Oh, and how many miles did you cover? Sorry to disappoint, but miles by motorized vehicle … Continue reading

Feel the Heat – Getting Scorched at the Superior 100 Mile

Who turned the heater on high in the Minnesota arrowhead region just as the 178 runners left the start line on September 6th for the Superior 100-mile trail race?

Temperatures at race start were already in the 70s and … Continue reading

The Gnarly Bandit is Shut Out at the Black Hills 100

During the first two runnings (2011 and 2012) of the Black Hills 100 races, the finishing rate of the 100 mile was 35 percent and 40 percent, respectively. That’s even low by ultrarunning standards. The main culprit was the weather, … Continue reading