Ice Canoeing the Saint Lawrence

Not for the faint of heart, this sport takes adrenaline junkies to a whole new level. I had the absolute pleasure of traveling to beautiful Quebec City recently where I tried this insane sport that only few other non-professionals have … Continue reading

Atlas Snow-Shoe Company Leads The Way On “Trail 2015”

Trail 2015 in Beaver Creek. Photo by Kim Fuller.

The 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships are drawing in crowds from all over the world to watch the races on Beaver Creek Mountain in Colorado, and Atlas Snow-Shoe Company is helping to keep the fans on their feet.

There … Continue reading

Snowshoeing: What to Embark on When Expecting

There’s nothing like sports in the winter. There is a peaceful exuberance to these activities that cannot be duplicated during the other seasons. The air outside is so cold that you can see your breath yet your body radiates with … Continue reading

Wisconsin Makes Cheese and Snowshoes

In 2013, Wisconsin’s 134 cheese plants produced 2,842,456,000 pounds of cheese, accounting for 25.5 percent of the total U.S. cheese production (according to a 2014 Dairy Data report, Wisconsin Agricultural Statistics Service and Wisconsin Department of Agriculture). This must be … Continue reading

What is the Ceinture Fléchée, and Why Does Every Winter Adventurer Need One?

Whether you call it the ceinture fléchée, the L’Assomption sash or simply an arrow sash, these woven accessories are undeniably handy and historical pieces of winter gear.

Ceinture fléchée come in many different forms and styles. A common theme among … Continue reading

Manitoba’s Sue Lucas Tames Tumultuous Tuscobia 150-Mile Trek

Amazing! Manitoba’s Sue Lucas, 51, won the overall 150-mile run on the Tuscobia Trail in the unique 2014/2015 edition when she entered the Tuscobia tent in Park Falls at 6:26 Saturday morning. Her time pulling the pulk of 48 hours, … Continue reading

Snowshoeing with a Dalmatian

Let’s face it, we’re a nation of dog lovers. There are few more loyal than our four-legged friends, so why should they miss out when it comes to snowshoeing? Dalmatians are notoriously energetic with bucket loads of stamina, and while … Continue reading

Up Your Elevation Awareness: The Importance of Acclimation, with Tips and Tools

After visiting his family in North Carolina and Virginia over the holiday season, Christopher Joyner said the transition back to Colorado altitude hit him harder than he expected.

Joyner is the public affairs specialist for the Bureau of Land ManagementContinue reading

Winter Trails Day: Beginners No More

Winter Trails Day is the day when people can try snowshoeing or cross-country skiing for free at a participating location. The event produced by SIA, the national trade association of product suppliers has been held for 20 years and this … Continue reading

How Many Different Ways can Snowshoes Save My Life?

Winter sports can be fun and exhilarating experiences, but they do come with their own set of potential risks and dangers–some more serious than others. One way to lower the chances of getting injured during the winter is to choose … Continue reading

Avalanche Awareness for Snowshoers

Last week a Colorado Springs man was killed in an avalanche while snowshoeing on Kelso Mountain near Torrey’s Peak, a popular 14er in Clear Creek County, Colo. This marked the first avalanche related death in Colorado—and the third in the … Continue reading

The Spirit of the Shrine: Hatsugama and Snowshoeing

In the midst of a snowstorm on a snow-covered forested mountain in Japan, my wife and I made and shared a bowl of thick green matcha. On the first day of the New Year, my wife, my dog, and I … Continue reading