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Snowshoe Magazine is the only worldwide publication that focuses completely on the sport of snowshoeing. The magazine was founded in 2003 by Ryan Alford and in 2015 it was sold to Paul and Susan Wowk. Based in Northern Colorado, Snowshoe Mag strives to share the joys of snowshoeing with the world!

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and support individuals of all ages and abilities to participate in the sport of snowshoeing and explore the outdoors in the winter season. In addition, we strive to be a resource to the snowshoeing industry to further promote the sport through our editorial excellence.

What You’ll Find At Snowshoe Mag

We provide a comprehensive selection of content including, but not limited to:

Destinations – Find trails, resorts/Nordic Centers, and events in your area that offer snowshoeing opportunities!

Tips & Tricks – Learn how and when to snowshoe, what to bring, safety tips and more! Our comprehensive First-Timer’s Guide is the perfect starting point for beginners.

Snowshoe racing – Love running and/or racing? Try it on snowshoes! Then, see what events are offered this year and the how-tos to get started or increase your endurance.

Inspiration –  Books, movies, music, journaling, and snowshoer profiles to give you the inspiration you need for all your adventures!

Gear guides – Looking for new gear? To start, check out a few of the gear guides below, highlighting gear of leading manufacturers and niche snowshoeing gear!

Four Kinds Of Snowshoes For Big People & Heavy Loads
Start ’em Young! Snowshoes For Kids Two-To-Teens
Redfeather Gear Guide

Gear reviews – Before purchasing new gear, read the experiences of our staff who have tested snowshoes, poles, winter clothing, and accessories.

If there’s specific content you would like to see or if you have feedback on the current content, we’d love to hear from you! Please complete our contact form.

Our Readers

We truly believe that snowshoeing is for everybody! Thus, articles on our site appeal to beginners and first-timers, people looking for recreational options, elite athletes, and everybody in between. If you enjoy snowshoeing or want to see what it has to offer, this site is for you!

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Our Contributors & Guest Authors

Our contributors from around the globe are true winter enthusiasts! Because of their great content, our publishing schedule is full for the season. Therefore, as of December 18, 2019, we are currently not accepting new contributors or guest posts.

Our Industry Partners

Snowshoe Magazine offers a variety of options to promote your business, ranging from site banner ads to post sponsorship. For info on opportunities to partner, please review our Media Kit.

All ads and sponsorships must align with the mission of Snowshoe Magazine to promote the sport in a genuine and authentic manner, and to provide unbiased information to our readers. For any gear, tour, or accommodation reviews, articles express the writer’s own honest opinion of the topic and we do not guarantee positive coverage.

We have also worked with affiliate partners to promote products that we believe will have benefit for our readers. That is to say, when an affiliate product is purchased from our site, we may receive a small commission from this purchase, which helps keep our website free and up to date. Please see our affiliate disclosure for more information.

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