17 Gift Ideas For Snowshoers This Holiday

If you’re like me, finding the right gift for the holidays can be a challenge. I never know what people will enjoy, and the indecision stops me in my tracks, always leading to those last-minute gift ideas.

But, procrastination can be stressful! So, this year, since the stress is already at a new high, I rounded up some gift ideas for snowshoers to avoid that last-minute indecision.

So without further ado, here are a few recommendations that I have independently chosen to inspire your own gift-giving this season.

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gift for snowshoers: Buff

The Buff is an incredibly handy accessory for your snowshoe adventures and a great gift for snowshoers. It can be worn in almost a dozen ways to keep your head and face warm and cozy during those winter outings.

The buff is made of 100% recycled microfiber with ultra-stretch fabric construction. It also offers sun protection on those winter sunny days with 50 UPF.

Purchase the Buff at:

REI | AmazonBuff.com

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Mystery Ranch Scree 32L

 After a review of this pack last season, it is now one of my favorites. It is the perfect size for a day hike, has a full-zip to provide easy access while snowshoeing, and you can easily store your snowshoes on the pack. It also offers a wide range of pockets for gear and supply storage.

Purchase the Scree 32L at:

REI | Backcountry | Mystery Ranch

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Whistles for Life

Preparation is key for those backcountry snowshoe outings. In fact, noise is the number 1 factor in deterring crime and finding lost victims. When you are injured, cold, lost, and tired, shouting can leave you hoarse and exhausted in a matter of minutes.

However, if you can breathe, you can easily blow this whistle and be found by rescue personnel.

Designed by search and rescue professionals, this whistle is incredibly loud so that it can be heard from a distance. It’s also lightweight, durable, and hands-free, so you don’t need to hold it to use it.

Purchase a Whistle for Life at:

REI | Amazon | Whistles For Life

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Northern Lites Backcountry Snowshoes

If you’re looking for a reliable snowshoe for all conditions, the Northern Lites Backcountry Snowshoes are an excellent option. We’ve owned these snowshoes for over 5 years, and they haven’t let us down.

They are incredibly lightweight, do well in deep snow, offer adequate traction for steep climbs, and the binding is simple to use. The Backcountry 30″ model has a weight recommendation of 250 lbs/113 kg (user weight & gear) for floatation in deep snow.

Purchase Northern Lites snowshoes at:

Amazon | Northern Lites

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Atlas Snowshoe Tote

gifts for snowshoers: Atlas snowshoe tote bag

Need something to carry your snowshoes around? A snowshoe tote offers a simple solution to taking them along.

Just check to make sure you purchase the right size! Each bag accommodates specific sizes of snowshoes.

Purchase the Atlas Snowshoe Tote at:

REI | Backcountry | Atlas

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Animal & Bird Tracks Knowledge Cards

For those who love to learn (ahem, myself), these knowledge cards can provide some fun education about wildlife while exploring on your snowshoes. This gift can be for kids and adults!

Purchase the Knowledge Cards at:

Bookshop.org | Amazon | Pomegranate Publishing

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MSR DynaLock Explore Poles

These 3-section poles provide extra stability with ascending and descending terrain on your snowshoe adventures.

The DynaLock Explore poles are built with durable but lightweight aluminum with an easy adjustment. The poles are marked with reference points so you know exactly where each adjustment should lay. Winter and summer baskets also make this an incredibly versatile pole.

Purchase the DynaLock Explore Poles at:

REI | Amazon | MSR

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National Park Pass Or Donation

wearing Paxis pack on snowshoe outing

Beautiful views in Rocky Mountain Park, one of the parks in the America the Beautiful pass. Photo: Susan Wowk

National parks and recreation areas can be a snowshoer’s paradise! What better way to support our parks and provide the gift of easy access for snowshoers than by buying a pass.

In the U.S., the America The Beautiful pass provides access to over 2,000 recreation areas and is valid for a full year. Similarly, Canada offers the Discovery Pass for access to over 80 sites!

In addition to the passes, you could always show your support by placing a donation in honor of your favorite snowshoe.

Purchase the America the Beautiful Pass at USGS

Purchase the Discovery Pass at Parks Canada

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Seirus Xtreme All-Weather Gloves

These gloves are a truly versatile glove that can be used for everyday wear or on your snowshoeing adventures.

We’ve had these gloves for over 3.5 years, and they continue to keep our hands warm down to about 20 degrees F (at least in our experience). These are best used as water-resistant gloves, not waterproof.

Purchase Men’s Seirus Xtreme Gloves at:

Amazon | Seirus

Purchase Women’s Seirus Xtreme Gloves at:

Amazon | Serius

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GSI Outdoors Wine Glass Gift Set

gifts for the snowshoer: GSI wine gift set For snowshoers interested in an apres outing, this Wine Glass Gift Set comes with everything you need to enjoy an adult beverage outdoors.

The set includes a 750 ml soft-sided wine carafe with a two-stage opening for easy pouring. The glasses are also made from copolyester, and the stems disconnect from the glass.

Purchase the Wine Glass Gift Set at:

Backcountry | Amazon | GSI

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Sunday Afternoons Lodgepole Beanie

gifts for snowshoers: Sunday Afternoons Lodgepole beanieThis beanie is absolutely delightful for snowshoeing outings. It is incredibly warm, with an insulating fleece liner on the inside and a wool acrylic blend on the outside.

The Lodgepole Beanie also never causes my forehead to itch, which is an absolute miracle. The Lodgepole is available for adults and kids!

Purchase an adult-sized Lodgepole beanie at:

Amazon | Sunday Afternoons

Purchase a kid-sized Lodgepole beanie at:

Amazon | Sunday Afternoons

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Building Snowshoes & Wooden Furniture Book

gifts for snowshoers: Gil Gilpatrick's book

Is anyone interested in a new hobby? Gil Gilpatrick teaches us how to build our own wooden snowshoes and furniture. Traditional wooden snowshoes offer a whole new snowshoeing experience and excel in deep snow and flat terrain. I wish I were more crafty to have the skill of Gil Gilpatrick!

Purchase this book at:

Bookshop.org | Amazon | GilGilpatrick.com

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Ridge Merino Aspect Midweight Base Layers

gift for snowshoers: Ridge Merino base layer topAfter I reviewed the Aspect High Neck Top, merino wool base layers are my go-to. These base layers are an excellent gift for snowshoers since you could always use another base layer!

Merino wool is incredibly warm and not itchy. The fabric is also naturally wicking and keeps moisture away from the skin. These base layers are available in men’s and women’s, with a High Neck version available for women.

Purchase Men’s Aspect base layers at:

Tops –   Amazon | Ridge Merino
Bottoms – Amazon | Ridge Merino

Purchase Women’s Aspect base layers at:

Tops – Amazon | Ridge Merino
Bottoms – Amazon | Ridge Merino

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Redfeather Youth Y2 Snowshoe

Redfeather Y2 snowshoes blue color

The new design of the Y2 snowshoes. Photo: Redfeather

The Y2 has the same adult features but in a smaller size. The v-tail design is part of all of Redfeather’s technical snowshoes and allows for additional maneuverability in deep snow. The binding is made for easy and secure use.

This year, there’s also a new design! The Y2 is available in one size and has a weight recommendation of 125 lbs/57 kg (user weight & gear) for floatation in deep snow.

Purchase the Y2 at:

Amazon | Redfeather

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Benoits Design Wooden Snowshoes Tree Ornament

gifts for snowshoers: Vintage Snowshoes Ornament Christmas Holiday Decor Hostess image 0

Photo: Etsy

Why not commemorate the love of snowshoeing with a tree ornament as a gift for your favorite snowshoer? This cute ornament is laser cut out of birch wood and a nice reminder of our favorite winter sport.

Purchase the Tree Ornament at Etsy

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Kahtoola Microspikes

When the snow turns to ice, these traction devices are a snowshoer’s best friend. Yes, snowshoes have some traction of their own, but snowshoes weren’t made for icy conditions. In fact, if you wear snowshoes on ice, it breaks down the crampons.

Instead, use the Microspikes, a device built for icy trails. The Microspikes easily attach to your shoes for grip on the trail and are easily stored in your pack when not in use.

Purchase Kahtoola Microspikes at:

REI | Amazon | Kahtoola

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Mountain Hardware Super/DS Stretch Down Hooded Jacket

This jacket is incredibly comfortable and warm. It also packs down so it can easily fit into your pack if the weather warms while on your outing.

The Super/DS Stretch Down Jacket is available for men and women.

Purchase Men’s Super/DS Stretch Jacket at:

REI | Amazon | Mountain Hardware

Purchase Women’s Super/DS Stretch Jacket at:

REI | Amazon | Mountain Hardware

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Bonus: Waterknot Snowshoe Christmas Cards

Snowshoe Christmas Card image 0

Photo: Etsy

Yes, this isn’t technically a gift, but I couldn’t resist. Let’s spread the snowshoeing cheer with family and friends this holiday with a snowshoeing holiday card!

Purchase these cards at:

Etsy | Waterknot

I hope these gifts inspire you and happy holidays are had by all, snowshoers and non-snowshoers alike!

What gift recommendations do you have for the snowshoers in your life?

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