Review of Crescent Moon Snowshoe Trekking Poles – Light and Durable For The Snowshoe Enthusiast

If you are into hiking or snowshoeing, good trekking poles will help you maintain balance and overcome any uneasy terrain. As you know, climbing hills can turn into a tricky endeavor without good snowshoe/trekking poles. A well built pair of trekking poles will also help you maintain your rhythm, and protect your ankles, knees, and hips when going downhill.

Finding a good pair of poles is not always easy, because there are so many options on the market. This is why I’ve decided to take Crescent Moon Snowshoe/Trekking Poles to a hike and test them out. Let’s see what these beauties have to offer to hiking and snowshoeing enthusiasts.


The packaging for the Crescent Moon Snowshoe/Trekking Poles is very light, only 1.8 pounds (800 g). This makes the product convenient for online purchasing, as the low weight won’t affect the shipping costs at all.

The unboxing is a straightforward process. Once I got them out of their original packaging, I closely inspected the poles.

Tech Specs

Crescent Moon decided to make their Snowshoe/Trekking Poles out of an aluminum alloy. This choice has made their product durable but also incredibly light. Both poles are under 1.8 pounds (800 g).

When I received them, they were collapsed and their length was 24 in (61 cm). Since these are telescopic poles, their length is adjustable thanks to the locking mechanism. They can be collapsed up to 53 in (135 cm). I find this extra convenient, as their max adjustable length is more than twice their collapsed length.

The locking mechanism is of the twist type. Adjusting the desired length is very easy. All you need to do is turn the bottom of the poles counterclockwise, pull the bottom of the pole to your desired length, and turn the bottom back clockwise.

The grip is made out of polyurethane. Its ergonomic design makes it really convenient to grip. It has a fine structure, making the pole fit right into your hand with or without gloves.

The straps on both poles come with adjustable webbing. I found this very practical, as you can set the straps really short and secure the grip to be tighter. In any case, if you don’t like these to be too tight, you can loosen them up and use them just as a precaution not to lose your pole, or in case you lose your balance or stumble on some rocks or grass.

The pole tips are made of tungsten and carbide. This material is very durable and strong. In fact, it is even used in the manufacturing of armor-piercing rounds. What does this mean to you? You will be able to put these pole tips against all kinds of surfaces – snow, ice, iced earth, grass, and rock and they won’t even feel it.

Slightly pointed towards the end, these tips will easily penetrate any surface and help you maintain your balance, even on the steepest of climbs. Don’t worry, you get caps to protect your pole tips once you decide to holster them.

Unfortunately, these great trekking and snowshoeing poles come with only standard snow baskets that are designed to serve their purpose well enough. Crescent Moon has left us with the option to easily replace the baskets though. This means that you can put the ones that you prefer on at anytime you want.

The Pros

Adjustable length – Thanks to their telescopic build, these poles’ lengths can be adjusted in one simple action. This feature makes the poles incredibly practical when you have to go through any kind of technical terrain.

You can adjust their length to make your climbing and descending easier. This also makes the poles perfect for many people, as they can adjust the pole’s length according to their height.

The adjustable length makes them a great option for people who enjoy long snowshoeing and hiking expeditions. On these adventures, you will often need your hands completely free. In these situations, you can shrink your poles to their minimum length and put them on your backpack.

They are incredibly light – Thanks to the new technologies and light materials that Crescent Moon has used to build these poles, each pole’s weight stands at 9 pounds (400 g). You’ll be able to hike without even feeling that you have the poles in your hands.

This is especially convenient for hikers who have to bring large and heavy backpacks on their adventures. Since they are incredibly light, they won’t overburden you once you strap them onto your backpack.

Great durability – Crescent Moon Snowshoe/Trekking poles are made of aluminum alloy, which makes them durable and able to withstand hikers’ maneuvers and harsh elements. The tips are made of tungsten and carbide, some of the strongest materials know to men.

The price – The price range of these poles places them in the category of the more affordable ones. They are an excellent choice for those of you who don’t want to go all out investing in hiking and snowshoeing gear.

The Cons

Polyurethane Grip – Although ergonomic in design, the polyurethane grip still feels artificial in the hand. I had to consider the material used for the grips. When compared to the poles with cork and foam grips, these don’t provide the same level of comfort and the hands don’t fall naturally into place.

Standard Baskets – While the standard baskets are going to be more than enough for novice hikers, they are not going to satisfy the true enthusiasts. Fortunately, you can replace them, but Crescent Moon should’ve definitely done a better job with the baskets.

The Final Verdict

Since the trekking poles market is flooded with products, we have to take other poles into consideration before we give you the final verdict on Crescent Moon’s Snowshoe/Trekking Poles.

However, the materials used, their incredibly lightweight/extra durable pole tips, and telescopic body design set them apart from the poles in the same price range and make them a good purchasing option for hiking and snowshoeing enthusiasts.

Happy Hiking Everyone!!

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