2017 Snowshoe Magazine Photo Competition

There are always so many great opportunities to get great photos. The snow with the great lighting makes it possible to catch photos like this one…


At Snowshoe Magazine, we wanted to give the opportunity for readers to submit their photos. So we’re doing the Snowshoe Magazine photo competition! Here’s how it works.

First, you go to https://map.snowshoemag.com/addPhoto (you may need to login or register) and upload your picture. After uploading a picture, you will get a link to share your photo. Make sure to save that link. You can upload as many photos as you want. There is no cost and you can read the competition policy here (the cliff notes, all submitted photos must be your original works and you retain the rights to submitted photos). Members of Snowshoe Magazine can vote for a picture once a day.

On February 28, the competition closes, and 3 winners will be chosen. Winners will be chosen based upon vote count and by the Snowshoe Magazine staff.

There are 3 different packages available for the winners of the competition. Below are all of the prizes.

Yukon Charlie’s Prize

Yukon Charlie’s makes snowshoes and it’s sister brands Sportsstuff and Airhead make Snow Tubes for the whole family. Yukon Charlie’s is offering either the Yukon Charlie’s PRO II 825 Snowshoe Red. In addition, Airhead is offering a Airhead Kids Snow Ryder Snowboard 90cm and Sportsstuff is offering Sportsstuff 2 Rider SS 49″ Foam Sled to complete the package. This package has a $201.97 MSRP value. Below are pictures of the prizes.

Airhead Kids Snow Ryder Snowboard 90cm

Sportsstuff 2 Rider SS 49″ Foam Sled

Yukon Charlie’s PRO II 825 Snowshoe Red

MSR Prize

MSR is offering a pair of Evo Snowshoes. The legendary Evo Snowshoe continues to be a dependable, all-condition favorite for snowshoers out on the trail. A reliable grip on the snow and easy in and out bindings make these snowshoes a favorite in flat to moderate terrain. MSRP $139.95

Evo Snowshoes

Get your pictures in! The sooner you get the pictures in, the more likely you will win!

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Paul Wowk

Paul Wowk

Paul Wowk has owned Snowshoe Magazine since 2015. He enjoys snowshoeing regularly with his wife, Susan, and dog, Grizzy.

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