The Faber S-Line Snowshoes

Throughout the years, many ski companies have tried, with mitigated result, to create a larger and shorter ski that could float like a snowshoe.

Faber and co. is proud to introduce a new generation of snowshoes: The S-Line; a sliding step snowshoe. This model emerged from the idea of doing things differently by starting with a snowshoe rather than the ski, like everyone else did in the past. Resulting in a unique, fun and easy to use product, this snowshoe allows for a gliding experience going downhill, with good traction and faster movements than a conventional snowshoe.

With the S-line, you can use 90% of the snowshoes’ playground avoiding icy surfaces. This new product performs at its best in off-trail situations and on any kind of terrain.

To keep your balance and control while sliding on steeper slopes, the Telemark kneeling position is recommended. The use of poles with large baskets is also a good way to stabilize when sliding.

Everyone can now try this new revolutionary snowshoe.
Fun winter outings guaranteed!

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