Gear Review: Watson’s Micro-fleece Zip Mock Neck Top

I tried Watson’s micro-fleece zip mock neck top on a recent trip to Jackson Hole during both a day of skiing and a day of snowshoeing in low to mid 30-degree temperatures. At first it seemed to be similar to any basic fleece, but it does have a few special features that make it stand out as a new favorite in my growing collection of fleece tops.

Women's zip mock neck top

Women’s zip mock neck top

First, it is ultra-thin, which makes it a great piece for layering. Although this product is actually marketed as a heavy-weight base layer, I chose to wear it over a set of Watson’s thinner, mid-weight base layers for added warmth.

I personally don’t enjoy the feel of fleece directly on my skin, but due to a double-brushed fleece treatment, this top is so thin, soft and smooth that I can see how this would make for a very cozy, very warm layer on its own.  This “double brushed” technology also claims to prevent the product from piling, even after many washes and wears (I have only washed it once so far, but it came out looking like new).

The super soft 100 percent polyester material promises to wick moisture away from your skin, making it ideal for sweaty winter workouts (such as skiing and snowshoeing), which I have found NOT to be true for many forms of fleece.

I really love the fit and design of Watson’s fleece.  The cut was perfect for me, not too tight or restricting of movement, and in general I adore half-zip designs that are made to pull over your head. I’m not a big fan of mock-style necklines because of the tight feel around my throat, but this one was roomy enough to breathe easy while being cut close enough to keep an icy breeze out. I would love to see this neckline a little higher than a traditional mock-style so the collar would cover more of the back of my neck, and possibly even high enough to tuck my chin into.

As far as I can see this product is only made in a hot pink color, which I love, but might be a little too bright for some people.

performance and fleece

As a luxurious detail, this fleece boasts is a little fleece flap that covers the zipper when it is fully zipped up, preventing the cold metal from touching your skin or digging into your throat. I also noticed how nice it was that the product information is printed inside the top, meaning no itchy paper tag scratching your back.

Pros: Very warm and soft, nice stretchy fit. Cons: Limited color options.

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