Gear Review: Westcomb Focus LT Hoody

Westcomb-FOCUS-337x448The first coat to be designed solely with eVent DVL, a unique fabric that is both waterproof and permeable, this coat stands alone atop the market as a sleek, high performance shell that is at home on any adventure you can devise or just dinner out with friends.

With spring around the corner my shells in my “quiver” get quite a workout. I look for a jacket that can keep me dry. This doesn’t just mean from the elements. I need a coat that will let some of the moister out when the pace picks up.

The Focus LT Hoody by Westcomb is an ultra-light, ultra-breathable shell that does away with all unnecessary frivolities. To cut down on weight and give the product a very clean, athletic look, Westcomb designers saw fit to use fused seams (less thread), imbedded tags (no cloth tabs) and even forgo pit zips (unnecessary with eVent). All these things combine to make the Focus weigh in at a paltry 8.9 ounces.seams

Having used the jacket more or less exclusively over the past few weeks as my running jacket and for everyday use. I have been very impressed with its durability and versatility.

Other features that I really liked were the fixed storm hood and the torso of the coat itself.

Although some might not like the fact that the hood is a permanent feature. I found you could use the pull tabs to semi-stow it with minimal effort and you might be glad to have it when the weather turns ugly.

As well the torso length is a touch longer than other jackets of this type. Aided with a rubber strip along the bottom it will be unlikely that the coat will ride up when your pursuits increase in intensity.

Overall this jacket has provided me with a something that I can rely on time and time again… even if the weatherman is not.

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