Tested: Salomon Snowcross CS

Winter is often a time when most of us reduce our training. The cold, wet and dark evening runs after work play on our minds. The subconscious needs only a little prodding to make us lose our ambition when the weather gets nasty. That is where the Salomon Snowcross steps in and gives you one less excuse to not get out and get after it.

CoverBuilt around the popular Speedcross3, this winter specific training shoe has a fully integrated and seamless gaiter. The upper itself forgoes un-breathable fabrics and sticks with its Clima-Sheild technology, which provides excellent warmth while still remaining highly breathable and flexible.

Padding located around the ankle region does a decent job when slamming through the snow. Completing the upper is a fully weather-sealed zipper and a well padded tongue to complete a fit that is snug. When purchasing your shoe be sure to bring along socks that you are likely to wear because nothing will ruin the comfort and fit of your Snowcross then trying to fit your wool socks into a form-fitted boot.

The outsole on the shoe itself is exactly like the Speedcross but with one notable exception. Staggered around in the deep lugs are nine carbide metal spikes giving it more bite than a standard trail shoe.


By the numbers, the Salomon Snowcross comes in at 12.7 ounces for a size 9 (US). This still makes it a relatively light shoe in the trail running market. Heel to toe drop is similar to the Speedcross3 at 11mm (20mm/9mm).

What matters when running in the winter is confidence and stability. The Salomon Snowcross CS will provide you both as you continue to pile on the mileage while others wait for fair weather.

For more information on the Salomon running series, visit www.salomonrunning.com.

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