Gear Review: KEEN Olympus Lite Crew Socks

keen1You can own the best hiking boots on the planet, but if your feet aren’t equally protected by the socks you wear, then the shortest hike can seem like a painful marathon. Those contraptions on the ends of your legs go through some punishment daily, so it makes sense to kit them out with socks designed to do likewise and still remain comfortable. The KEEN Footwear Olympus Lite Crew sock has been developed for just that purpose.

KEEN’s attention to detail is second to none. Simply by adding some extra nylon fibre cushioning at the toe and heel, they’ve been made to protect the more vulnerable parts of the foot. The toe section is seamless, so there’s less chance of any irritation or blistering. KEEN has used 45 percent merino wool. This is one amazing natural fiber which cuts down any itching dramatically, keeps your feet warm when they’re wet, and helps eliminate any foot odor.

GYCleverly, these socks have been designed to fit like a shoe, literally – one for the left and one for the right – with labeling to identify them. To help them “breathe,” mesh panels have been integrated into their construction, and to support your foot, the socks have a contoured arch support.

To help increase the socks’ long wear, KEEN has used 34 percent nylon – weight for weight more durable than steel – which means they’ll last for years. It makes no difference if they’re used for casual walks, rambles, bike rides or hikes, the ribbed cuff eliminates them slipping down inside the boot. These are socks which are equally comfortable in cool weather, arctic blasts, out in the wilds or pounding the pavements.

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