For the Planet, On the Planet: Teko Socks

Doing good weaves the fabric of Teko socks.

Camping on high in Tignes, France

Camping on high in Tignes, France

Evangelizing their organic, chlorine-free merino wool socks along with support to organizations like The Conservation Alliance and John Muir Trust—both important forces in the world of keeping the outdoors out-of-doors—they live their calling:

Create the best possible performance socks with the least environmental impact.

TEKO red sock

Along the way, they just happen to make some of the most elite socks on the planet.

Refined construction, beautifully styled, their Nordic SKI PRO Ultralight hits the bulls-eye in making feet happy. Perhaps it is the combo material of 60 percent organic Teko merino wool, 19 percent Teko Poly recycled—of course— polyester, 18 percent nylon and 3 percent Lycra spandex.

Maybe it is their name, Teko, that relates to the fit and feel of soft and nice, stretchy but sized, modern styles with edgy, calming shades.

Looking behind the scene, one begins to comprehend their foundation of thought. The development group at Teko, schooled in the word of biomechanics and design, creates magic deep in the Rockies by including features maximizing the big three: fit, comfort and performance.


Teko, protectors of the complex bones, muscles and tendons making up a foot, allow one to snowshoe, ski, run, climb and enjoy more.

The Wintersport socks feature Teko’s Dynamic Custom Fit creating spot-on satisfaction even for larger size boots or shoes.

The stretchiness allows a comfortable wear and pull-on / pull-off, too. The Ski Pro Ultralights provide softness to touch and wear through their Tek-fit zone concept. Notice the bands providing support on the arch, ankle and heel. Additional durability is built into the toe and heel, top wear areas, with tekoPOLY.

Ultralights wick wet away from one’s flesh solving trail and snow problems before they have time to ruin your day.

A save-the-foot technique is double-socking when on long ultra trail events or USSSA snowshoe races. The Ultralight will be the go-to covering your feet request first.

Since my feet have, in times past, complained loudly through sharply worded and painful messages sent to my brain’s inbox, I stand alert to their needs. They now tap approval with a succinct word well-intentioned though poorly chosen (see below photograph).

The Teko Socks typed a good-but-somewhat-misspoken message from feet.

The Teko Socks typed a good-but-somewhat-misspoken message from feet.

The performance qualifications of Teko socks read like the résumé’ of a United States Snowshoe Association national champion: a full-page of listings. Look for the seamless toe, a top-end feature not to be overlooked. Check out the cushioning on the shins and heel.

Their Chlorine-free processing of wool aids our world, yet the Bluesign certification guarantees the same machine washable, shrink-proof wear a modern consumer expects.


The OekoTex 100 Certification assures a user of sustainable textile production, meaning no dyes contain formaldehyde, heavy metals, carcinogens or allergens. Knitted in North Carolina under U.S. law insures lower levels of pollution.

The company uses wind power to supply their facility while buying carbon credits to offset travel pollutants. What does this mean? A representation they live their message, believe it to their core while leading others in the paths of a sustainable future.

Teko must mean saving the earth one sock at a time, but my feet are more selfish than that. Teko defends Mr. Left and Mr. Right foot, safeguards them in a huggily-comfortable way, and chaperones their happiness. They make the two of them look better, too. Those two don’t care to know the good Teko is doing for earth at the same time. We do, though.

To purchase Teko socks, click here.

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