“Xu” Marks the Spot: SnowXu Collapsible Snowshoes

Now a reality, the SnowXu folding snowshoes—once only a dream for entrepreneur Deb Kreutzer—dynamically expand the reach and sport of snowshoeing.

Moments prior, the SnowXu snowshoes were about the size of a few golf clubs

Moments earlier, the SnowXu snowshoes were about the size of a few golf clubs

From the historic days of Snowshoe Thompson and his big wooden sleds come these light, snazzy and easily transportable aircraft aluminum floaters for the serious traveling trekker . . . and more.

Once a user grasps the versatility of the SnowXu, the new design becomes ubiquitous with fun and adventure. Head out on a business flight to snow states, take your SnowXu’s for some quiet time in a park or on trails; you’ll never consider that with your other pairs.

Note the surprisingly lite pivot-center

Note the surprisingly lite pivot-center

Strapping to a pack or snow pulk provides a user alternatives to just wearing boots, too. Snowstorms don’t necessarily arrive when advertised and often dump far more accumulation than anticipated, so having SnowXu with you, along for the ride, is a huge safety addition. Many won’t consider carrying snowshoes for the backcountry because of the size; now there is a solution.

One strap adjustment

One strap adjustment

Winter ultra racers find pulling a pulk hard enough but add 8 inches of wet snow, and the game changes. Just ask Arrowhead 135 competitors—snowbikes and runners alike—how well it went with either running shoes, boots or worse, bike shoes, with the rain/snow changed to all snow. Finish rates plummeted, a racer’s plans ruined. Hiking, if one can call it that, in deep drifts carrying a bike is rough enough; not having flotation is a spoiler in wilderness new-snow.

Instead, slide the compact SnowXus out of their free travel bag (about the length of a sand wedge golf club). Click-click them open, locking the front cross-bar automatically, then insert your boot in the generous binding, tighten just one strap around the heel, and you’re off to get your finish.

SnowXu Top down w boot

Easy as that.

The frames are designed from an “X” layout, folding to an “I” then unfolding back to the “X.” Like so many inventions whether medical, technology or sport, one smacks their forehead and says, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Surprisingly, they’re midrange in the weight of others in the mountain class causing one to appreciate further the ingenuity in the design.

Cleverness starts in The Heart of the Matter, as Don Henley sang “The more I know, the less I understand, all the things I thought I knew, I’m learning again . . . .” The heart of the SnowXu is the “X” center-pivot providing an opening and closing of the snowshoes like scissors, except these use ample crampons to grasp the snow versus cut it.

SnowXu's will clear your blues; take them with you

SnowXu’s will clear your blues; take them with you

Wearing boots or higher top shoes work best if you’re like me and prefer a snug fit. The unique flotation design, not an oval or oblong shape one may be familiar with, but spread-wing like an eagle soaring, provides a healthy foot print supporting your weight.

The new yellow rails are sharp in appearance, distinctive, while the grey decking yearns for individuality and decorating; there’s a canvas there ready for painting a scene, adding stickers, flags or other creative embellishments of color. Use imagination and personalize these snowshoes like no other; join the “Xuing” gang on flying on snow

Early adapters and those young-of-heart at all ages, buy these directly from the company HERE for $180. Rack another benefit; they’re affordable, too.

Read first article Innovation Skyrockets with SnowXu Collapsible Snowshoes breaking news of this invention January 9, 2011

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